Scary Kidnapping: – Break-in by Italian Special Forces

Scary Kidnapping: – Break-in by Italian Special Forces

It was reported that the Danish cargo ship “Galata Seaways” was stormed by Italian special forces on Saturday Watchman and Danish BT.

The reason is said to be that 15 immigrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq snuck aboard the ship. At least one of them was said to be carrying what was described as a knife-like object.

According to The Guardian, the stowaways must have tried to take the crew hostage, but the Danish shipping company DFDS refuses to do so.

They informed BT that there should have been no contact between the migrants and the crew on the boat.

The situation ended anyway as Italian commandos boarded the ship via helicopter. After a seven-hour operation, the situation is said to have been brought under control by the soldiers, and “Galata Seawise” is now on its way to Naples under escort.

There was no Dane on board the ship, which was sailing under the Turkish flag.

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