June 10, 2023


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“Science fiction” a few years ago could have happened to Microsoft in the year 2028

Nuclear fusion company Helion has partnered with Microsoft.

An ambitious target for 2028

The goal is that as early as 2028 they will power Microsoft with electricity generated using the company’s revolutionary technology. In short, fusion power plants take up little space and cannot fail catastrophically like old nuclear power plants because they are designed in a completely different way.

50 MW or more after a year of continued expansion is the goal, and the goal is very ambitious: no other company in the merger market thinks it can actually be ready in five years.

Developing a commercial fusion power plant is a critical step in the transition to a sustainable energy future and will not only help Microsoft achieve its goal of being carbon negative by 2030, but will also support the development of a new clean energy source for the world.


The sun and stars are fusion energy

Six working prototypes have already been produced and the seventh will be ready during the summer of next year. The technology works by using a plasma accelerator to heat the fuel to 100 million degrees – Helion is the first private company to reach that temperature. The reactor then uses magnetic poles to compress the plasma and “tilt” it and you have fusion energy.

The amazing thing about fusion energy is that the source of energy is virtually unlimited. That this will change the world is an understatement:

“Fusion, the process that powers the sun and stars, has long been considered the Holy Grail of energy production. Fusion is capable of providing an almost unlimited source of energy without producing harmful carbon emissions or long-lived waste. The world’s first commercial plant will mark the beginning of a new energy era.”

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