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The use of causal explanation andOr the rejection of human experiments and subjective experiences, represents a positive scientific approach. In this, human behavior is explained based on objective and concrete conditions. Only what can be observed is present. The origin of the trend is the natural sciences, hence the assumption that there is a group Because of the laws of nature to human behavior.

Popper’s theory However, falsification states that hypotheses or theories are true until proven otherwise. The theory must be tested empirically to determine if it is true, and then it must be justified as being better than other theories supported by the same evidence. Popper himself believed that these were insoluble.

The majority of the quantity Statistical surveys within social science topics have results that show correlation or simultaneous events. In educational research, which is a practical field, it is estimated that less than 5% of research provides causal explanations. Thus, the vast majority of surveys have correlations as a result. So they can be incorrect links, and therefore must be tested and interpreted.

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Since human behavior Not following natural laws, positivism was met with scientific criticism for its time. At the time, researchers were simply described as either positive or interpretive. The latter argued for explanatory directives. This has a starting point in discussions about the extent to which the Bible and the laws should be understood in society regardless of context or not. The explanatory directives of self-understanding then evolved, in contrast to the natural sciences’ focus on explaining the goal.

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It is simply like this We self-understood. To be able to say something about what is or isn’t true about human behavior requires an understanding of one’s perspective. This is characterized by our individual, cultural and national traditions and backgrounds, and it is constantly changing through our interaction with others in specific situations. In order to understand our own expressions, according to Ricoeur, we must walk the path of cultural symbols in the society in which we live.

Among those topics Who have conducted the most research on human behavior: biology or genetics, psychology, sociology and social anthropology, there are different interpretations and concepts of human behavior. Researchers use different methods and theories, and rely on each other’s understandings and interpretations. Scientifically speaking, controls contribute a portion of the whole truth or current truth.

requires a causal relationship Or a natural law before acknowledging the experiences of others, becomes at best, in keeping with the above arguments, a one-track scientific argument—and at worst, an abuse of science. Any scientific investigation that follows the rules of the game for scientific work will be a contribution to establishing how negative situations can lead to worse living conditions and ill health for queers. Knowledge that other researchers can build on, and measures can be designed.

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