Scooter Braun: -Gives up

Scooter Braun: -Gives up

Celebrity manager Scooter Braun (42) has had huge success with artists such as Justin Bieber (30), Ariana Grande (30) and Kanye West (47).

- Divorce after seven years

– Divorce after seven years

It is scheduled to be announced on Monday that Brown will step down from his position as technical director.

In a post on Instagram Brown reflects on the 23 years he has spent in the music industry.

“On the road, I've had so many experiences I could never have dreamed of. I've been lucky enough to live a Forrest Gump-like life while witnessing the journey of some of the most extraordinary talents the world has ever seen. I often pinch myself and think 'How did I get here?' “After 23 years as director, this chapter has now come to an end,” he writes.

Does he say it about his wife? This video spread on social media, and many believe that Justin is screaming at his wife. Video: Twitter/red runner
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The reason he is retiring now is because he wants to be more with his children and family.

Braun is perhaps best known for having “created” Justin Bieber, with whom he began collaborating when Bieber was still making song videos on YouTube in 2007.

After the breakup: - You slept together

After the breakup: – You slept together

In 2019, he was in a media storm like no other when it became clear that Big Machine Records, the former record label of Taylor Swift, 34, had chosen to sell the master recordings of her first six albums to Brown.

Taylor Swift felt stabbed in the back by her former record label, and was devastated that she didn't own her master recordings herself.

Enemies: Taylor Swift has little left for Scooter Braun.  Photograph: Richard Shotwell/Mark von Holden/Invision/AP/NTB

Enemies: Taylor Swift has little left for Scooter Braun. Photograph: Richard Shotwell/Mark von Holden/Invision/AP/NTB
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“Now Scooter has stripped me of my life's work, which I never even had the chance to buy,” Swift wrote when news of the sale became known. The star also made several bullying accusations against the celebrity manager.

Brown denied these harsh accusations several times, saying that he did not recognize himself in the story Swift was telling.

Superstar Taylor Swift got into trouble during a concert in Chicago on Sunday, June 4. Video: Twitter/@CatalinaGarciaH. Reporter: Magnus Baus/Dagbladet TV
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A few years later, Brown sold the rights to Swift's music catalog to an investment fund.

This has led to Taylor Swift now choosing to re-record all six albums.

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