Scott Disick can’t forget his ex-wife, Corny Kardashian

Scott Disick can't forget his ex-wife, Corny Kardashian

You have to keep your tongue in your mouth when it comes to Scott Disick’s love life (39). He became 39 years old Observed with a number of potential flirts Over the years, many ardent fans have lived for a long time in the hope that he will find his ex-girlfriend Courtney Kardashian (43).

the wound: Scott Disick told Kourtney Kardashian that he gets hurt when she’s with other people. Video: Pictures from HayU on TV 2 Sumo.
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It was Kardashian and Disick A turbulent and on-off relationship for nearly ten yearsTogether, they have children Mason (12), Penelope (10) and Ryan (7). The relationship was carefully documented on the reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Viewers then got an insight into the many challenges the couple faced, including Disick’s reluctance to marry Kardashian. After several years of trial and error, there was finally nothing else to do and the duo put an end to it Relationship period in 2015.

She struggles to accept it

Since then, Disick has had a tumultuous love life, while Kardashian has stayed by her side Forged in Hymen with Travis Parker (47) earlier this year.

Even though the couple is working together to raise children, Disick reportedly realized he would never win the Kardashian sister back.

Trouble maker: Scott Disick talks about his past to his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, on “Flip It Like Disick.” Video: E!
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Scott will always regret the way he treated Kourtney and their relationship. A source close to Disick says he’s now just trying to move on from the fact that the two will never find their way to each other again, but he’s struggling to accept that. ET.

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Kardashian married as mentioned At a big wedding in May. The source spoke to ET with claims that Kardashian’s marital bliss has likely led to Disick experiencing emptiness and loneliness on a whole new level than he was previously willing to perceive.

According to the source, Disick has now had to learn from his mistakes, and hope for a speedy reconciliation and reunion with the Kardashian clan, which he has, after all, been a part of for over ten years.

Kardashian: The Kardashians received a lot of criticism after the premiere of their new series, and there was one detail in particular that caused some backlash. Video: Disney+ / YouTube. Correspondent: Anna Celine Hanisch.
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