Scottish schools use facial recognition in the canteen

Scottish schools use facial recognition in the canteen

Nine schools in North Ayrshire, Scotland, have begun scanning students’ faces to confirm payments for school meals. It can override children’s right to privacy, privacy activists note.

Writes the edge.

According to the schools, it is a much healthier and faster process, since you, for example, avoid using fingerprint scanners and card payments. Each transaction is shortened to approximately five seconds per transaction. The student.

Most of them said yes

according to Direction for parentsSchools store children’s vital data in encrypted form until the student leaves school. It’s up to parents whether they want the school to use the technology – or alternatively, kids can use a PIN to confirm payments.

according to Financial Times 97 percent of parents and children have already agreed that schools can scan student information and store data.

– not necessary

According to Silky Carlo, a member of the British privacy organization Big Brother Watch, the new initiative is completely unnecessary.

– Normalizes biometric identity checks for something very common. You don’t need to use an airport like [teknologi] When the kids go to lunch, she told the Financial Times.

Another 65 schools plan to use the technology.

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