Screens will stack in height

Screens will stack in height

LG launches DualUp.

LG is now working its own way and launching a new display solution; DualUp. The special thing about this new concept is that you now get a computer monitor that matches two regular monitors stacked in height, reports among other things. Engadget.

The new model is expected to be presented in what will be the company’s default launch during the upcoming CES trade show in Las Vegas.

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The vast majority of PC monitors today have an aspect ratio of 16:9. That is, the image on the screen is wider than its height.

With the LG DualUp, you can practically have two such screens stacked on top of each other, so you end up with an aspect ratio of 16:18. The model pictured must be 21.5 inches tall.

Again it gives a resolution of 2560 x 2880 pixels which LG calls “Square Double QHD”. If we split this into two regular screens, it would correspond to 2560 x 1440 spread over 21.5 inches.

The screen should also have about 300 nits of brightness and 1000:1 in contrast. In addition, it will support HDR10 technology.

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The most popular solution today is to place monitors next to each other if you need screen space to work on.

But by stacking two monitors in height, LG claims you get less stress on your neck and shoulders. Since you don’t have to move your head much laterally – as you do with many consecutive screens.

At the same time, it will probably give you better space on the desk. Since you now have 2 screens in height instead of the corresponding solution in width.

(source: Engadget)

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