Scripture responds to FRP leader’s attack:

Scripture responds to FRP leader's attack:

In the speech, FRP leader Vedum called for a calculator-driveway that he thought the Center Party had shown its true face after the election.

– Many who voted for the Central Party are not laughing now. The laughter is gone. The coffee pot is empty, we’ve learned that it’s the norm for ordinary people – the method for ordinary people to be skinned, Listak said.

Finance Minister responds in cash:

– I feel sorry for Listak who spends too much time on me during the day. I can assure Listak that it is even better with the coffee in the jug, Scripture tells TV2.


He was also criticized for “locking himself in an office” as finance minister.

SP leader Johan Swartrup ends the week at a bull auction with other farmers, pointing out that he started this week by meeting industrial workers at an oil site.

– So I live well with reviews from Listhaug and Frp from a conference hotel in Gardermoen says the role.

Vedum says he thinks of those who voted for the Mayyam party every day.

– And how I make everyday life easier for them. We are strengthening emergency preparedness and policing, we have reduced taxes on electricity, and everyone earning less than NOK 750,000 gets a lower tax than in the previous government, says the Finance Minister.

He also promises to ensure safe Norwegian food production.

– Ordinary people need to feel safe about their work and income. But we are far from the goal, and there is a lot to revise after the centralization and energy policy pursued by the Conservatives and liberals in the Liberal Party.

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EU warning to conservatives

In the speech, Listak came out with a warning to his old government partner, the Conservatives.

The Conservatives decided at their national meeting that the new Norway should encourage EU debate.

– Listak said that if the Conservatives had ambitions to rule Norway with the FRP after the 2025 election, they could instantly destroy Brussels’ dream.

Vice President Henrik Asheim emphasizes that the Conservatives are positive about greater international cooperation and closer ties with other parts of Europe.

– Everyone knows that the FRP is negative about the same thing. This is exactly what happened during our six years in government, “said Asheim.

He believes that in recent years we have seen the EU play a very important role in Norway’s security. First during the epidemics and now in connection with Russia’s war of aggression in the middle of our Europe.

– Conservatives are concerned that Norway’s interests could be better protected in the future, and believe that standing outside the community of countries around us who share our values ​​and our way is a shortcoming for Norway. Of life, more closely integrated and dense, Asheim adds:

– This is not about dreaming about Brussels as Listak says, it’s about orienting oneself in a more complex world.

Asheim points out that Europe is in a completely new state of security policy.

– Conservatives Norway does not apply to EU members today or tomorrow, but in a rapidly changing world we need to look to countries where we share values ​​and lifestyles, says Conservative Vice President.

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