Seagate has 50TB hard drives

Seagate has 50TB hard drives

during the show From the company’s latest quarterly results, CEO William David Mosley recently spoke about the company’s plans on the hard drive side. First of all, it is about hard drives with more storage capacity than they do now.

Seagate currently offers hard drives with a storage capacity of up to 20TB. At the same time, the company is developing products with a storage capacity of 30 TB. According to Mosley, Seagate expects the first of them to be delivered to customers during the summer of 2023.

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He said that the 30-terabyte hard drives require a lot of technology to be replaced, even if future products will also rely on HAMR (heat-assisted magnetic recording). Among the things to change are the disks themselves, reading and writing units, as well as electronic and mechanical solutions.

Once that’s done, the way should be open for larger capacity hard drives. Mosley mentioned capacities of 40 and 50 TB, but also higher, to cover future demand.

According to Seagate’s roadmap from 2021, the plan is for hard drives of 50 TB or more to hit the market in the calendar year 2026.

In the quarter that ended in June, Seagate introduced hard drives with a total of 155 exabytes of storage space. What Seagate describes as the mass capacity market accounts for 90 percent of this. The average capacity of hard drives sold last quarter was 7.8 TB, compared to 5.4 TB a year ago.

Seagate’s 2021 roadmap for larger storage capacity hard drives. Illustration: Seagate

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