See the magical photos from the wedding

See the magical photos from the wedding

Artist and presenter Ulrike Brandtorp married her lover Oscar Nordberg over the weekend.

Ulrikke, who won the Melodi Grand Prix in 2020 with the song “Attention,” has become a familiar face to the Norwegian public ever since. She has participated in “Maskorama”, “Kompani Lauritzen”, “Shall we Dance”, and recently hosted “Bakemesterskapet” on NRK.

Gorgeous wedding in Barcelona

On Friday, Ulrike and Oscar proposed to each other in a gorgeous wedding ceremony outside Barcelona.

-I'm completely calm, but my body is beating now. “But suddenly, here and there, it occurs to me that I will get married today,” Brandstorp added. VG Just hours before the ceremony.

The wedding has been planned for many years, and Ulrike is happy to have found the person with whom she will share her life.

-And now we have the rest of our lives ahead of us. “Make a new family and memories,” she says.

love at first sight

Ulrikke previously revealed it was love at first sight when she met Oscar.

– On our first date I thought: He is the man of my life! I never had a second doubt. I told him that Oscar met my parents on our second date Here and now.

Oscar proposed two years ago in a rural setting that had special meaning for both of them.

-We traveled to Ås outside Oslo where Oscar studied food science. We took several relaxing walks there after we became lovers, and I hoped something special would happen when he invited me to take a trip there again, says Ulrike.

Share photos from the big day

The couple did not keep the moment to themselves. On Instagram, they shared a number of beautiful photos from the big day. I started the other day with this video:

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“The day is finally here!”

“Husband and wife!💍🤍👰🏻‍♀️😭”

“Mr. and Mrs. Nordberg Brandstorp can't get over it yesterday!”

“The dream weekend ended with a magical pool party🌼🏝️🐬”

– This weekend we will live for a very long time, Ulrikke wrote on Instagram.

Ulrike and Oscar are a lovely couple, we congratulate them very much on their day and look forward to following their journey further. Hooray for love!

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