May 29, 2023


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- Seems to have started in other markets - E24

– Seems to have started in other markets – E24

The sharp decline in the stock market is being investigated by stock exchanges. Finanstilsynet in an interview with the Oslo Stock Exchange about the incident.

Giant Keys: The Oslo Stock Exchange fell sharply within a few minutes on Monday.

– There are no indications of any errors in the Oslo Stock Exchange’s systems, says division director Thomas Borschgrevink in the Market Behavior Division.

– It seems that this happened all over Europe. The incident appears to have started in markets other than the Oslo Stock Exchange, he says.

Just before 10 a.m. Monday, stock exchanges across the North crashed, before much of the fall recovery.


Both Nasdaq, which owns the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the Oslo Stock Exchange, check the movements.

Here at home, the main index on the Oslo Stock Exchange is down at most 4.83 percent, having fallen nearly one percent in the minutes before the crash.

At the moment, the decline in the Oslo Stock Exchange has slowed to 1.9 percent.

We routinely look at movements and what lies behind them, says Director of Communications Catherine Lorvik Sigerlund at the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The Stockholm stock market fell at most eight percent, before the stock market recovered to about 2 percent.

Getting close to the answer

David Augustson, head of communications at the Stockholm Stock Exchange says: Today’s industry That Oslo Bors “invested all its resources into investigating this market event”.

He also says the Stockholm Stock Exchange is “starting to learn what happened”.

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It is no secret that a very large market event occurred on Monday morning, and our investigation work is focused on whether it happened on purpose, due to flaws in our systems or external attacks, he said.

– What we were able to prove is that there are no bugs in our systems, no cyberattack or something like that. Then we narrowed down the list of causes, and what’s left is a buy/sell deal, and now we’re looking at why it happened, he says.