– Seems unimaginative – VG

- Seems unimaginative - VG
Under Pressure: Kjetil Rekdal never had a dream start as Rosenborg coach.

Recent numbers show that eighth-placed Rosenborg has been paid well so far this season. Experts now believe Kjetil Rekdal should offer more attacking football and miss a clearer identity.


You sit and watch RBK matches and struggle to see what they are trying to attack. What is style, identity and mentality? ‘I have the benefit of seeing RBK show this in 2022,’ Jesper Mathisen, 35, football expert on TV2, tells VG.

Rosenborg has one so far start of trå . season in the elite series. The result is eighth place after playing a third of the season. Rekdal took charge of the team pre-season.

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I don’t think a lot of teams are afraid to face Rosenborg’s attack. Although there are some outstanding players on this team, they don’t work together. It seems unimaginative. Matessen says it must be boring to see Rosenborg as a fan.

Discovery expert Christian Josth believes that the people of Trondelag are too dependent on the mistakes of opponents.

When they meet with well-organized teams, they look like fish on land, says Gauseth.

Decisive: Jesper Mathiesen has not been impressed by what Rosenborg has shown so far this season.

good payment

Despite the disappointing table position. Recent stats from Wyscout actually show that Rosenborg has been well paid for her accomplishments thus far.

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So-called “expected goals”, often shortened to xG, briefly show the number of goals a team is expected to score based on the number of chances created, as well as the probability of scoring based on how good a goal chance is.

So far this year, Rosenborg has an xG of 12.32 – which indicates that Rosenborg statistically “should” score 12 goals. In sum, they scored 16 goals.

In other words, they scored more than could be expected based on the games and opportunities generated. Accordingly, Rosenborg is one of the teams in the Elite Series with the highest pay.

In contrast, Trondelag residents also have more marginal points than would be expected from the stats. So far, they have scored 13 points, 1.3 points more than the “expected points”, which is 11.7 points.

Not many matches played. Ten matches is a bit of a foundation for drawing some important conclusions about the xG stats. But at the same time, it was not the case that Rosenborg received low salaries. Mathiesen says they didn’t burn many chances, played great football and had bad luck.

Early in the season

On Sunday, Rosenberg lost 1-3 Against league leader Lillestrøm. After the match, Rikdal talked about the team’s progress and ambitions after ten matches he played.

– Sometimes we do pretty well, but we’re not stable enough, Rekdal told VG and continued:

We take one game at a time and I don’t think we’re going to talk about the table or the other teams. We will talk about ourselves.

Christian Josth says Rosenborg’s start “of course is not good enough”.

“I don’t see any development in the game and nobody is excited,” says Gauseth.

He’s missing the most offensive Rosenborg you can recognize.

– Attack lacks. This does not excite anyone. It’s as entertaining as sitting and watching an assembly line in a factory.

note! The next league match will be on Saturday at home against Kristiansund.

See more stats for the Elite Series on VG Live.

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