Selling the “Exit” cabin for NOK 14 million

Selling the “Exit” cabin for NOK 14 million

The cabin in Winterbøre, Pannefjorden, outside Oslo, was made famous by the TV series “Exit,” where financial elites frolicked.

Now the 174 square meter cabin is for sale in a tough market. DN recently wrote about the oversupply of expensive coastal properties.

– Not sure the timing is right, says owner Bjorn Gringstad, who says he’s open to any bids.

The far capital is 15 minutes away on a lightning fast rib.

The far capital is 15 minutes away on a lightning fast rib. (Photo: Bjørn Kringstad)

15 minutes from Oslo

The room was built by Gringstad with the help of architects from Drøbak Arkitektkontor in 2014-15. The plot is only one square meter, but it is quite seamless as it is surrounded by an open area and steep terrain. The 90-step staircase up to the private wharf consists of a total of 90 tons of granite.

– I put my heart and soul into this cabin, so I sell it with a heavy heart, says Gringstad.

The design and use of materials is exclusive, and the holiday property has only one bedroom, instead with a designer bathtub and direct access to the terrace. It’s 30 minutes by car from Oslo, but only 15 minutes at sea with a quick rib with a cabin.

A decent view to wake up to after a swim.

A decent view to wake up to after a swim. (Photo: Bjørn Kringstad)

Choosing a new lifestyle

In recent years, Kringstad has rented out for large periods to both private individuals and events, so for film recordings, he says, it’s too time-consuming. He says the “get out” link was used actively and successfully when he rented out the cabin.

The vision is unique.

The vision is unique. (Photo: Bjørn Kringstad)

Kringstad, who rented in Nordstrand in recent years, has now bought a house in Ulvøya. He runs a small advertising agency on a day-to-day basis and is involved in property development on the side.

– I prefer a simpler life with less management. Buying a house in Ulvøya is not cheap, says Kringstad.

He says he has a choice between buying a small house to live in and having a spare room, or keeping the big house in Ulvøya that can serve as a holiday home. He settled into a simple life.

– But if people come to the screening, I’ll be more excited if I get the asking price, says Kringstad.

He explains that the “exit” link has been greatly reduced in relation to sales.

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