Senior analysts expect Apple to launch next year

Senior analysts expect Apple to launch next year

There have always been rumors about Apple’s upcoming glasses using augmented reality, or on the so-called augmented reality (EN) in English.

It was previously known that the glasses would be launched next year, but now senior Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that this will likely happen by the end of the year.

TFI Asset Management analyst made the vast majority of his predictions about Apple product launches, thanks in large part to extensive research on Apple’s supply chains. CNBC writes.

MacBook power

The analyst writes in a note that Apple’s smart glasses will have similar processing power to the MacBook, and will be equipped with two processors.

Kuo writes that the higher processing power will help the glasses stand out from competitors’ products, as they will be able to perform tasks without being connected to a mobile device or computer. Previous reports said the glasses must be connected to the iPhone in order for them to work.

The high-performance processor will be similar to the M1 chip that was introduced in the first MacBook models with a processor from Apple itself.

According to the analyst, Apple will put the glasses as an accessory and not a replacement for the iPhone. CNCB notes that this fits perfectly with Apple’s strategy of selling portable accessories – such as AirPods and Apple Watch – tied to its flagship iPhone.

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