Senior British politician dies after being stabbed in church – VG

Senior British politician dies after being stabbed in church - VG

Police confirmed that British MP David Amis, 69, was stabbed several times, and then died of his injuries.


Sir David Amis, who represents Southend West in the southern British county of Essex in Parliament, was attacked at a Methodist church on Friday.

the police Writes in a press release At 14.39 they immediately found a wounded person, and that life could not be saved. In addition, the police stated that they arrested a 25-year-old man who was in possession of a knife.

Later on Friday, police confirmed that David Ames was the deceased.

According to her, the British Counter-Terrorism Unit is leading the investigation into the murder Sky News. The news channel reported that the police did not prove that the motive behind the stabbing was terrorism, but they do not rule out that either.

Happened during a meeting with voters

According to the news site, a man reportedly walked into a meeting with the public at Belfair Methodist Church and stabbed the politician multiple times.

Reuters news agency writes that the flags are placed on half a pole in Downing Street in London.

See photos from Leigh-on-Sea:

EU skeptical glimpse

The stabbing is said to have taken place at Lee-on-Sea, in Essex, east London. Videos from the site show several police patrols outside the church, and they cordoned off the area.

The police were notified of the appeal immediately after 12.05pm on Friday.

We are not looking for others connected to the incident, nor do we believe it poses a continuing threat to the public, they said.

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Sir David Anthony Andrew Amis, full name of the politician, is a member of the Conservative Party and has been elected to the British Parliament since 1983.

The 69-year-old is a prominent EU skeptic, but he also frowned upon the way the Brexit process was handled after the 2016 vote.

His biggest political victories were the Protection Against Cruel Thethering Act (1988) and the Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Act (2000).

Earlier this year, Ames commented on antisocial behavior and knife crime. He said current strategies have not worked, and he said there should be more preventative measures.
His last message on Twitter was about today’s voter meeting and where it will be held.

shocking news

Reactions after the incident are now streaming on social media.

Very terrible and shocking news. My thoughts go to David, his family and his staff, wrote Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labor Party.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron also expressed his sympathy.

– Disturbing and deeply disturbing news reports from Leigh-on-Sea. Cameron wrote on Twitter that my thoughts and prayers are with Sir David Amis and his family.

British voters also reply:

Shocking to hear that this has happened again. Regardless of politics, our elected representatives must be able to do their job without threats, and especially without fear of being attacked. This is totally unacceptable, Damien Hillwell tweets.

Politician murdered in 2016

The attack on the top politician comes just five years after Labor politician Jo Cox, 41, took over He was shot and stabbed in the open.

The British MP, who was known as the driving force for Britain to take in more refugees, died shortly after the injuries.

She left behind two children, aged three and five, respectively.

The man in his fifties who was convicted of the murder was also investigated by the police Alleged links to right-wing extremism and the neo-Nazi movement “National Alliance”.

The Jo Cox Foundation wrote on Twitter that she was appalled by the news about Ames.

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