Senior Fire Engine, Fire Museum | He doesn’t earn five cents, he gives everything

Senior Fire Engine, Fire Museum |  He doesn't earn five cents, he gives everything

In a short time there may be many more kroner to the Bergen Brandcorps historical group.

Not shortened to the point

Currently, the “hijacked” book is on sale in all bookstores in the country – and there are many indications that it will double the circulation of 4,000 copies.

A book about what happened to gallery owner Reeder Osen in 2015 is about to disappear. He and Peter Slengsol were subjected to violent attacks, robberies and kidnappings every few months. Three people have been convicted.

In the Bergen Brandkorps history group, they say what we say in Bergen, månebedotten!

– What Osen is doing here is absolutely fantastic, says manager Frank Christiansen.

– The entire sale price of each book goes in full to the Bergen Brandkorps Historielag. Enough!

Something like that will soon turn into money.

On Sunday evening, Osen, writer and cop Kenneth Berg and co-editor John Kangdall sat down at Galerie Nygaden to sign books.

– On Sunday evening alone, the history group had a new NOK 10,000.

Osen’s “adventure” with money began 12-13 years ago, when he passed Kamle Radus, where firefighters stood with posters and banners.

– “Now we lose the fire museum …”.

The owner of the gallery remembers well the day he passed, and heard the cry of an old fortune among the veteran firemen:

– Now you have to pay, Raider!

A line from Osan will never be forgotten:

– Docker will get a million from me if he builds a fire museum!

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And he kept his word.

Bergen municipality doesn’t have it, but Frank Christiansen, chairman of the Bergen Brandcorps historical committee, says:

– If the municipality now gives priority to someone who really needs financial assistance, we will be the first to say that it is OK. In the meantime, we continue to work as usual, and among other things, Ocean’s grant goes towards maintaining our fleet.

The fire museum has not yet been set up, and funding has been taken from the city budget for 2023. But while the municipality never ends up idle, Reider Osen is still interested in important private support. Communication.

Don’t leave it

– Now you’ve reached the million you promised and added another 100,000 for 2022. Won’t you stand there?

– No, it’s a good thing, so…

Osen knows that keeping a large collection of cars costs money for the historical group.

– They have to have money for fuel, money to send cars to road authorities, EU checks etc. They need money.

It remains to be seen how much profit will be made from book sales.

That pot alone can quickly turn over millions, and then…

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