Sentenced to five years in prison after congressional storm

Sentenced to five years in prison after congressional storm

One of the people who stormed Congress was sentenced to five years in prison, after he threw a fire extinguisher at police.

The man, who was sentenced to five years in prison, is from Florida and was one of several rebels who stormed Congress on January 6.

CNN writes That sentence is considered the longest sentence of the intifada.

During the storm, the man was said to have attacked police with a fire extinguisher, a plank and a pole.

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He died of a stomach injury

According to the news, the man sprayed a fire extinguisher on the police officers, and twice threw the empty container at them. When he refused to support him, Palmer was said to have been hit in the stomach with a rubber bullet.

When she delivered the verdict, District Judge Tanya Chutkan was said to have expressed concern about the increased violence.

“Every day we hear about reports of anti-democratic factions, of people planning possible violence in 2024,” Schutkan said.

– It must be clarified that attempts to stop the peaceful transfer of power and attack the application of the law will face a certain penalty. Not being at home, not watching Netflix, not doing what I did before you got caught, Chutkan said.

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