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Monaco ended up early against the defending champions, but they made an impressive turnaround.

Monaco – Lille 2-2

Lille surprisingly won the First Division last season, but had a difficult start to the league.

However, they didn’t get it against Monaco on Friday night, because after nine minutes of play, Jonathan David’s gem scored two away goals.

– Have you ever seen such. This player is very hot, adding to 2-0. Where was the night without him? He scores in order, David is probably the blockbuster for most of the big clubs, he came from Direktport commentator Robin Haugen.

On the other hand, Monaco managed to get involved, and former Sarpsborg 08 player Creppen Diatta hopefully entered the hosts before the break.

The red card of the home team made the task more difficult, but captain Wissam Ben Yedder came in and sent fans to heaven with one man less and one point.

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small transgression

And the match was a few minutes ago when referee Willie Delagud pointed to the penalty mark when Strahinya Pavlovic, player of Lille Zika, fouled inside the penalty area.

– Goalkeeper Pavlovic gets a rare chance from the start, to put it mildly, he doesn’t get a good opening in the match. He’s definitely on his feet, even if he’s unlucky. He must bear the consequences of that, it came from Direktesports Robin Haugen.

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Lille’s big star Jonathan David stepped forward. The Canadian didn’t commit a penalty kick and sent the visitors forward.

He consolidated his position as the league’s top scorer and scored his eighth goal in eight matches. It is very hot during the day.

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Minutes later, the current champion scored an impressive goal, when the same man played alone with the goalkeeper. The Canadian national team player kept the defender at a distance, and rolled his second in the match.

– Have you ever seen such. This player is very hot, adding to 2-0. Where was the night without him? Score on demand, David is probably the blockbuster for most of the big clubs.

Monaco slowly but surely made their way into the match after the surprising start to the night.

Krepin Diatta was an attraction in the Elite series and was brought to the Belgian Club Brugge. There he did his things so well, that Monaco gave around 250 million for the 1999 model. Before the four-minute break, he must prove he deserves the award with a grade in the class.

– Great recording of the former Sarpsborg 08 player. It is simply an outstanding performance by the Senegalese, scoring his first Ligue 1 goal of the season and also paying tribute to Hougen after the show.

The 22-year-old had to leave the field due to a knee injury right after the reduction.

transformation process

Diatta was substituted during the break, but the home team kept the pressure high and chased away to equalize in the second half.

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However, the task became more difficult when Pavlovic entered a new situation in which the first player from the Serbian received his second yellow card, and was sent to the locker room with the quarter back in play.

– It was a nightmare battle for the Serbs. He was in heaven when the national team went to the World Cup, but he arrived. You can’t unhide the handles this way.

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Niko Kovacs substituted and put striker Wissam Ben Yedder on the field and he did it wisely and seven minutes from the end it was the substitute who brought in the equalizer.

– You can’t leave that guy there alone and quit. Of course, Hogan said it was Ben Yedder.

Neither team was able to score the decisive goal to take all three points. Thus it ended with a 2-2 score in the drama between Lille and Monaco.

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