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Johaug, Falun

– It’s weird. “That’s ridiculous,” I thought about it when Mørdarbakken last went up. This is what makes it so painful. I don’t get bored. I’m not tired of exercising. I’m not tired of competition. I don’t get tired of going on a trip, tears Johaug told NRK when asked what it means to give up.

They are clearly marked after completion.

Is it still right to end your career here?

– No, haha! I thought about it in the last round: “Seriously, should I give up now?”. But it’s good to end feeling good. I know my decision is correct. But now I want to train, compete and continue with the World Cup next year. But I know it’s the best, she answered on TV3.

There is absolutely no need to doubt: Therese Johaug had complete control of the competitors in the 10km race in Falun, Sweden.

Photo: Johanna Lundberg/Bildberon

Competitors are asked not to quit smoking

Gohaug won by a full 35.9 seconds over Sweden’s Jona Sondling, who finished second in Saturday’s 10km race in Falun.

Sharing the podium with Therese in her last singles race is a lot of fun. At the same time, it’s a little sad that she’s leaving us, says Sundling to NRK.

– Was she a role model?

Yes of course. When she was young, she was one of those people I looked up to. Now you can compete and share the podium with her too, so she’s incredibly fierce, answers the Swedish skater.

Cross-country skiing, FIS World Cup, Fallon, Women's 10km

Bast: Jonah Sondling praised Therese Juhaug after Saturday’s race.

Photo: Johanna Lundberg/Bildberon

Juhoge is flattered when she hears Sundling’s words.

– There are many who have tried to breathe in your back. Now it was Jonah Sondling who stood up here and said, “Therese was one of my role models.” What do you think of Sundling as a potential successor?

– Juna is definitely an heir in the future. I am so moved when I hear them say what they say.

Johaug also told NRK that both Sundling and Frida Karlsson had come out to say she was a role model for them and asked her not to quit.

– Frida came here and said “I’ll see you in Rocca. I’ll make sure you’re in Rocca. It’s so nice to hear that I meant a lot to other runners – not only in Norway – but also internationally. They looked at me and made me a role model is something I appreciate.” Unbelievably.

Cross-country skiing, FIS World Cup, Fallon, Women's 10km

PALETTE: Therese Juhaug, Jonah Sundling and Jessica Diggins formed the podium at Fallon.

Photo: Johanna Lundberg/Bildberon

– do the right thing

Skiesset announced just over a week ago that she will retire as a senior cross-country skier after the season.

Is it the case that you regret a little?

– I must frankly admit that for several days I woke up and thought “what the hell have I done?”. I know deep down I did the right thing, but it hurts so much when you perform like you. If one had done poorly, it would have been easier. But one day it must end.

I already secured the distance ball in the World Cup, but with the win the margin increased even more.

Wong number five

Heidi Weng put in a good competition and took the 5th place. She has stated that she will decide after the season if there will be more cross-country betting on her.

I’ll probably go on, but they’ve been two tough years. It’s been two very difficult months. I think it was too heavy, Weng tells TV3.

Cross-country skiing, FIS World Cup, Fallon, Women's 10km

Into the Thinking Box: Heidi Wing.

Photo: Johanna Lundberg/Bildberon

Marte Skanes also did a good race and ended up in 9th place. Ragnhild Haga became the fourth best Norwegian in the eleventh place. Jessica Diggins took third place.

Among the others, Lotta Odense Wing took 19th place, Caroline Simpson-Larsen 23rd and Terrell Odense Wing 30th.

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