Several observations of a bright light in the sky – supposed to be a meteor – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Several observations of a bright light in the sky - supposed to be a meteor - NRK Norway - Overview of news from different parts of the country

– It was like a rocket and went straight into the air, and he talks about his experience of what it was like to be single meteor.

The meteorite burned up over sea areas off Vlorë, according to the Norwegian Meteorite Network, NTB writes.

Edsø says he saw on Saturday evening what he described as “a kind of huge meteor or something like a meteor” in the sky off the coast of Ulsteinvik in Sunnmøre.

He saw what he describes as a very strong light in the sky when he was out at sea with the well boat “Aqua Skillsøy”.

Andreas Edso says it was a special experience.

Photo: private

It lights up the entire sky, he says, describing it as a white light with a greenish tinge.

– It took between five and eight seconds, says Idsøe.

– He went into orbit across the sky at a terrible speed. It was very special.

– It suddenly became bright

Per Skram (27) Another person saw the meteor. He was visiting his girlfriend’s grandmother when they saw a bright light.

– It suddenly became bright, so at first I thought it was a car driving with high beams. But then I looked up into the sky, and there was an enormous, flaming light shooting across the sky with a long blue tail behind it, he says.


There are several sightings of what is supposed to be a meteorite. This photo was taken from Venabygdsfjellet, Ringebu.

Photo: Madeleine Kohler-Norheim

More messages

On Saturday, the main rescue center in southern Norway said it had received several reports of a bright green light in the sky

Observations must have been made at Bergen, Sandnes, Alesund, Os, Flekefjord, Sigdal, Stavanger, and Orsta. Sykkylven and Stadlandet, to name a few.

Also tonight NRK has received several tips from many places in southern Norway about a bright light in the sky.

Axel Spencer Globestad observed the meteor in Reksnes between Nordfjordeid and Måløy around 19.08.

– I ran and thought “what the hell is this.” The sky was blue, Gloppestad tells NRK.

Nothing like this has been noticed before.

– My wife came in the car behind me, she was also very surprised. The first thing we said to each other was, “Did you see that meteor?”

Photographed the phenomenon of light from the car in the Nordfjord.

I thought it was fireworks

Bård Aune and his wife Katherine were also driving a car when they saw the light outside the center of Ålesund (the video is in the video compilation at the top of the article).

She was sure it was fireworks, but since it was going down she thought it was a meteor, he says.

The light was turquoise and lit up the entire sky, he says.

It was cool to watch. Unni says it was over in three seconds.

The camera in the car captured this phenomenon, and now the whole family has seen it many times.

Unni says the kids missed it, and watched the video over and over again.

– There’s a meteor now

Meteorologist Siri Wiberg tells NRK that there have been observations of what might be a meteor.

– There’s a meteorite now called the Leonids. Then you can see a lot of shooting stars, they burn fast, and you might see a streak across the sky for a second. But this one lasted longer and was bigger.

According to Wiberg, this happens several times a year.

– When the weather is clear, meteors can be observed in many places, she said.

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