Several people have been hospitalized with methanol poisoning in southern Norway

Several people have been hospitalized with methanol poisoning in southern Norway

Several people were admitted to Chorlandt Hospital due to methanol poisoning on Sunday evening. – We have reason to believe that methanol is in free circulation, says Technical Director Susan Hernes.

The persons were admitted to Sørlandet Hospital in Kristiansand on Friday evening.
Photo: Kjartan Bjelland / Fædrelandsvennen

AGDER: – Methanol poisoning is fatal, and you can die relatively quickly. “We have reason to believe that methanol may be in free circulation in the Lindesnes region, and perhaps elsewhere in southern Norway,” Suzan Hernes, special director of the Southern Norway Hospital, tells Federlandsvenen.

Those admitted to the hospital were from the Lindesnes area. This was reported by Sørlandet Hospital in an email to NTB late Sunday.

– The first patients were admitted on Sunday evening, we do not give exact numbers. Hernes tells Federlandsvenen that now fewer than five people have been hospitalized with suspected methanol poisoning.

Become a bed

– How sick are those admitted to the hospital?

– At this time there is everything from acute illness to less serious illness, Herness says.

– Are poisoned people from a special situation?

– We don’t know that, Hernes says.

He stresses that it’s important for those who develop symptoms to see a doctor as soon as possible.

– Methanol smells and tastes like regular alcohol. So the people selling it may not know it’s methanol, Herness says.


The hospital wants information that methanol may be circulating in southern Norway.

– Symptoms can include weakness, headache, confusion and dizziness, Hernes explains.

Additionally, you may experience rapid breathing and shortness of breath. Methanol poisoning can cause visual disturbances, blurred vision and blind spots in the field of vision, and in some cases permanent vision loss.

The hospital says and notes that severe poisoning can lead to coma, convulsions, respiratory arrest and death Poison information at

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