Several thousand people without electricity in Aktor – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Several thousand people without electricity in Aktor – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

It writes that around 2,200 homes lost power in Aktor on Tuesday evening A friend of the motherland.

Due to heavy snow heavy and wet snow has settled on the lines. Trees are also bent due to heavy snowfall.

Unfortunately some customers are losing power, particularly the inland areas in Østre Agder who noticed it today, says Fr.ACTOR ENERGY May Brit Risbrunna Race Guard for NRK.

In Venice, 1,680 households lost power. 300 houses in Iveland are without electricity. Households in the inland areas of Amli and Lindesnes are also affected.

Akhtar is working to resolve the energy issues, and by evening, power was restored to some homes.

According to Fædrelandsvennen, 1,218 customers were without power at 9pm today.

According to an overview of Agder Energi’s website, it appears that more and more people are gradually getting their electricity back.

Power outage in Birkenes

Heavy and wet snow creates problems in power supply to the actuator.

Photo: Agder Energi Nett / NTB

Power restoration work

Agder Energi was prepared that the snowfall could have consequences. Hence additional staff has been brought in.

For many customers we reduce the number with alternate power lines, remote control switches. In addition, there are additional teams to fix the errors tonight, Risbruna tells NRK.

In the last 24 hours, heavy snow has been falling in Akhtar regionBut Risbruna is hopeful that the forecasted rains will improve the situation.

Norway’s Directorate of Waterways and Energy has warned of a risk of flooding for the next few days, with yellow status for the Skagerrak coast from Lindesnes to Telemark.

It is difficult to say when power will be restored to everyone. We hope most people will have power back tomorrow morning, but we can’t guarantee that, says Risbruna.

May Brit Risbruna, Actor Energy

Aktor Energy has called in additional personnel who have been working to rectify the fault throughout the evening.

Photo: Erik Wick Andersen / NRK

Fear of phone coverage

Telenor fears that parts of southern Norway will lose phone coverage due to power outages.

– In the event of a power outage, our base stations only have two to four hours of battery capacity, says Bjorn Amundsen, director of coverage at Telenor. A friend of the motherland.

This is especially important in Froland, where the electricity has been out for a long time.

According to Mayor Ove Gundersen, this is a known problem in the interior of Froland, where power often goes out during heavy snowfall.

– Agder Energi Nett has taken measures to cut trees, but it is not enough. We have not yet set up a crisis committee in the municipality, he tells Fædrelandsvennen at 9.15pm.

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