Severe fire landslide area

Severe fire landslide area

Police and firefighters were notified Saturday night that a fire had broken out in a house in a landslide area in Ask, Gjertrum. All emergency services extinguished the fire.

110st 110-sentral announced on Twitter that they were going to Gjerdrum after receiving a complaint about a fire in a building.

– The fire is in a one-story house with four houses and is located on the edge of the avalanche, writes 110 Switchboard.

Atlee Ranning, duty manager at the 110 Exchange, told DocPlate that there were a lot of flames on the site and that the fire would continue throughout the night.

– This is a one storey house that has not been inhabited since the landslide last year. It burns hard, and we are now working to protect the local area, Roning says.

Fire: On Saturday evening, December 18, police and firefighters were alerted to a house fire in the landslide area of ​​Ask, Gjertram. Video: Jonas Hjal
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Police say they will burn down houses in a row and there will still be good smoke and no fire for a while.

No injuries were reported and there is currently no theory for emergency services as to the cause of the fire.

Police say the Kulturhuset in Ask is open if anyone wants to speak to the municipality’s emergency committee.

Finn Howard Ass, Operations Manager for the Eastern Police District, tells Dagbladet that there is no risk of it spreading to other buildings.

– It’s a bit of a challenge to get there because it’s on the edge of an avalanche, he adds.

Police are encouraging residents to stay indoors, close windows and turn off ventilation.

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