Severe storm: – Most pregnant Ida:

Severe storm: - Most pregnant Ida:

A lot of weather was characterized by strong winds in many parts of the country on Friday afternoon. According to Vestre Viken Helseforetak, among other things, the emergency network and telephone network are down in some parts of Newmet, Hollingtall and Ringerik.

Emergency network below

This situation poses a challenge to emergency services. At 18.45, the Southeastern Police District announced on Twitter that an ambulance with blue lights would be operating at Flow in McDonald’s due to a lack of mobile phone coverage.

– If anyone needs emergency medical care, they can contact this, the police wrote.

Violent storms in southeastern Norway – Police urge people to stay home. Reporter: Evan Larson. Video: Martin Ellingsen.
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Ringeric Fire announced on Twitter that it had received photos and several messages on people trapped due to fallen trees on the road.

– For those of you sitting in cars waiting for help: They wrote that we are on our way.

On Thursday, the Meteorological Agency issued an orange warning for Aktar, Telemark, Buskerud and domestic winds. This hazard warning is valid from early Friday morning.

Without electricity and water

One of those who experienced the effects of the forces of nature was the over-pregnant Ida Amalie Nielsen.

– I woke up at eight o’clock this morning with a lot of noise. Then the garden desk was almost out the window, she tells Dagbladet.

She noticed that the tree outside was starting to uproot and picked up the phone to take a picture of it.

– After that, many trees fell down.

When Dagbladet contacted Nielsen on Friday night, they had been without electricity since 11 a.m. Friday.

– We have no water. I went to the store to shop, and that too was not easy. The whole Flå is without electricity, he adds:

– I’m incredibly worried. I am very pregnant and I think this will send me to childbirth.

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