Sgatangen, Fir | Nursing home, part five

Sgatangen, Fir |  Nursing home, part five

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After reflecting on the post in Hadeland 21.7.23 written by the Municipal Council group in the Gran Arbeiderparti, and having met many nice opinion-makers in the village, I feel compelled to give a supplementary answer:

Let me first stress the following:

1) I have always spoken as an independent representative and on my own initiative. I am not a “G15 spokesperson” as described in the respective post.

2) Since I joined (on a banana peel) the Gran Municipal Council and the Planning Commission, I wanted to influence the atmosphere and debate in a positive way, creating good relationships and a good municipal profile, regardless of party affiliation. I will strive to do that as well in the few remaining meetings I have.

3) I have great respect for those who have a different view on matters at hand than mine, and I always hope to avoid expressing that I am running the truth.

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Then to the position of the local government group in the Labor Party.

It is true that in my posts I have used “Nursing Home,” inaccurately and for the sake of brevity, as the title of the project. My goal was for the municipality of Gran to be able to meet the challenges posed by the wave of elderly people as quickly as possible. As the decision-making body, it is the responsibility of the Gran Municipal Council to carry out this complex task within financial limits, leaving room for the proper implementation of other urgent tasks entrusted to the municipality. It is also important that the residents of the municipality of Gran are not burdened with fees and taxes that make the municipality less attractive than other municipalities looking for new taxpayers.

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I apologize for thinking I’m inaccurate when it comes to who is the stand and who is against. However, I suppose; That there could be agreement that the Steering Group, led by the Mayor, allowed the Chancellor to submit a proposal at the Municipal Council meeting on 5/25/2023. proposal, which seemed unanimously agreed to be too costly.

I firmly believe it is wrong for the local council group in the Labor Party to claim that this is the ‘Chancellor’s proposal’. I stress that the advisor should follow the guidelines set by the municipal council and the decision makers appointed by the municipal council (the steering group).

The municipal council has developed reduction proposals. Against this background, it’s hard to understand why the AP would choose not to submit a proposal that reflected its desire for “significant reductions of submitted proposals.” The AP must provide a design and cost framework that they believe is better than what is offered by the majority.

So good that the contribution to the local council group in the Labor Party confirms that the majority decides. There is no difference of opinion here. It is also suggested in the post that discontent and despair have spread among the minority. A constructive attitude towards decisions made democratically will certainly work best.

I agree with their point of view that it is advisable to find solutions in advance. Regardless of this case, as an inexperienced politician, I found this difficult. The reason is that I have been told twice in the town hall that I should not express my opinions to everyone in the town council or planning committee in joint inquiries by e-mail or make good suggestions in proposed meetings.

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that we politicians bear the general and comprehensive responsibility; To ensure elderly care, we totally agree. Not surprisingly, differences of opinion arise over how to implement this in a way that takes into account all parts of the municipal sector. First of all, it is useful in the process of achieving a good result.

Based on my very limited term as an independent, self-elected representative on the municipal council, in a medium-sized municipality, I have tried, through inputs at the state level, to influence those who govern health in Norway to arrange municipalities to provide the best possible fiscal respite to counter the tide of elderly people. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in particular. I think it is important that the municipality of Gran invest, preferably in cooperation with other municipalities, efforts in this matter. The health sector in Norway faces exciting and formidable challenges that are, unfortunately, increasing rapidly.

I can only evaluate the current discussion based on 55 years of experience working on project and commercial operations. My political experience is very limited. Against this backdrop, I apologize for any missteps in this process.

In my short time in politics I have tried to the best of my ability to create good relations and a good atmosphere in the council chamber. I will confirm and continue with the few remaining meetings. I hope that the conflict of opinions in this case will be a good contribution to brainstorming for a good result. Good luck also after the voters have decided which party and people we hope will finally decide to start building a nursing home and care center in the municipality of Gran.

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