Shabana Rahman broke up with her boyfriend after the farm stars

Shabana Rahman broke up with her boyfriend after the farm stars

At the beginning of August last year, it was reported that Shabana Rahman (45), known for her public debate and comedian, had… Divorce her husband Martin Gaarder after 14 years together.

The news was confirmed at that time TV 2 And Good evening, Norway. But in fact, the breach occurred long before that time – namely, in January of the same year.

These days she can be seen as one of the participants in the TV 2 program “Farmen kjendis”, where, among other things, she ended up in Never a little mess With TV queen Dorthe Skappel (59).

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The result had to be taken

The program was registered in May and June of last year. The 45-year-old was relatively new while living on the Bøensætre farm in Aremark.

She also confirmed it to Dagbladet.

– I just joined the ranks of everything that changed my life in a very short time. Like I said, it was a dramatic change, but to this day, I have a very good relationship with Martin, so it was a completely non-dramatic breakup, she says.

She completes:

It was simply that we were a little farther apart.

Dagbladet has been in touch with Rahman’s ex-husband, who realizes that the breakup between them is once again mentioned.

“New life

Rahman admits that it wasn’t easy just to be 45 and become single again.

It’s weird to grow up and be alone and start over. But I’m fine, that is. I write a lot and live and breathe for what I want to be. But it is still strange, admits one of the participants of the show “Farmen celebrity”, who, after a year of parting with the world of dating, has not yet gone through.

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No, I haven’t started dating yet. But I thought about it, because things happen when you’re in a public divorce. Surprisingly, inquiries flooded in when the breach became known. It was cool, and suddenly people started asking me if I wanted to date. They are great and kind people, but at the same time I am very clear that I want to focus on writing.

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She believes that when the rupture and new life are finally healed, it will be different.

– When I cure everything, perhaps. After all, I haven’t been single since I was 16. It’s like it’s reincarnating at the same time somehow, Shabana Rahman says with a smile to Dagbladet.

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