Shabana Rahman: – I have to tell you everything

Shabana Rahman: - I have to tell you everything

At the end of April came the news that Writer and “Farm Celebrity” contestant Shabana Rahman (45 years old). had become He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She said this herself in an exclusive interview with Look and hear.

Since then, she’s shared a few updates on social media, as well as a comment on Nettavisen. Now, however, the writer has written a new comment, just Internet newspaperWhere she is – according to her – “you must tell everything.”

– Not desperate

Earlier this year, Spleis was set up for Rehman, so she could travel to Germany for her immunotherapy – as doctors in Norway couldn’t do more for her. On the other hand, the 45-year-old did not say what kind of treatment she had received, but after receiving questions daily from people in the same situation, she changed her mind.

Modernization: Shabana Rahban is in Germany to receive biological treatment. Video: The Stig Gustad Clip: Jacob Gere Grimmsmo
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Rahman says that when she was told there was nothing else doctors in Norway could do for her, she felt they realized she was in such a situation that she became desperate and applied abroad. She has also been advised not to waste money on something that does not work. But she disagreed, believing that seeking knowledge did not make her despair.

It’s different from despair. She explains that it’s about taking responsibility for one’s life and not accepting to come home to die, just because someone tells you there are no other alternatives.

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– I am now receiving low dose topical chemotherapy, which I have to take in three cycles every three weeks. I tolerated this treatment better, although it is a difficult and expensive treatment. Each course costs approximately 250,000 kroner.

new girlfriend: Shabana Rahman, terminally ill, has received touching attention from her new boyfriend. Read the entire case at See and Hear and Pluss. Video Espen Sully/Watch and Hear Reporter: Stig Gustad Editing: Jacob Geir Grimmsmo

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– in free fall

The 45-year-old says pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancer diagnoses to treat, as symptoms rarely occur in the early stages and therefore difficult to detect before a period has passed.

Despite the fact that Norwegian doctors tell her there is nothing else to do, she refuses to give up hope.

Having received the difficult letter, I found myself in a free fall, not knowing how long I had to live. Now it is as if I have been given freedom of choice, a journey into the world to find new questions and answers, I wrote in conclusion.

illness: While Shabana Rahman was seen duel on TV in “Farmin as a Gindis” this winter, it was an entirely different match that she had to face in private. Now she is opening up about the disease that has gripped her life. Video: Espen Sully / Look and Hear
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