Shabana Rehman, Cancer | Shabana Rehman: – It’s a critical stage, and this is the biggest challenge for me right now

Shabana Rehman, Cancer |  Shabana Rehman: - It's a critical stage, and this is the biggest challenge for me right now

KULTURHUSET, OSLO (Nettavisen): In September, comedian and public debater Shabana Rahman, 46, received the Ossietzky Prize from Norway’s PEN for her work on freedom of expression.

She received the award in a private session, but the official award did not take place until Tuesday evening.

Rehman arrived by taxi a little late and, with good support, quietly entered the concert room, where she sat down on a deep chair near the stage.

Shabana Rehman was clearly inspiring and proud and managed to bring in a number of speakers who all paid tribute to her. Everything from colleagues, childhood friend, and close family was on stage.

– Save energy for this

– She was strong and kind. There was a lot I didn’t expect here. I am a little speechless. I am very, very happy. A very cool party. I won’t be anywhere else but here tonight, Rahman told Nettavisen right after pen leader Kjersti Løken Stavrum delivered her closing address.

Rehman admits that she made her attend the party on Tuesday night.

– This is a day – not only me – I thought maybe it wouldn’t happen. But it did happen, so it’s obviously very nice. I rested a lot and saved my energy for it. Obviously everything in such a pathological stage is a measure, but you also have to measure it with what it gives you.

Watch and hear what Shabana Rehman has to say about her private situation now:

An important and brave performer

The Ossietzky Prize has previously gone to Edward Snowden (39), Kenyan opposition politician Koigi wa Wamwere (72) and filmmaker and activist Deeyah Khan (45), among others.

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He wrote in justification for Rehman winning this year’s award Norwegian pen Among other things, she has enriched the Norwegian public with humor, irony and wisdom for several decades.

“As a writer, activist and artist, she has been an important and courageous practitioner of freedom of expression in a creative and exciting way. (…) The Norsk PEN Board of Directors believes Shabana Rahman to be a recipient of the Ossietzky Prize for her special and unique efforts for freedom of speech and freedom of expression.”

Rehman was visibly proud when she received the award earlier this year, she said NRK That this is “one of the prices you set is the highest”.

seriously ill with cancer

In January of this year, Rahman got his Informed that she has pancreatic cancer – with spread.

Three months later, she received a frustrating message that the Norwegian healthcare system would only provide her with pain-relieving treatment, and Rahman began looking for other options.

Then, among other things, the possibility of immunotherapy appeared in Germany – but it turned out to be very expensive.

However, Rahman had the opportunity to do immunotherapy in Germany, thanks Paste created by a good friend. The joint was made a week after the 46-year-old’s cancer diagnosis went viral in April, and it didn’t take long before that. Grants poured into the account.

NOK 1.2 million was raised, and there was no doubt that Rahman was grateful.

“Through connection, a gateway of love has been opened into which warmth flows from friends, acquaintances and the rest of the country. It is hard to put into words the gratitude I feel,” Rahman wrote among other things. Instagram Then.

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