Shall we all dance to Catherine Moholt

Shall we all dance to Catherine Moholt

Saturday Carsten Skjelbreid (50 years old) enters the “Shall We Dance” parquet With Catherine Mohult (49) and Tarjee Svalastog (24), a full 13 years after winning himself in the popular competition.

But this isn’t the first time that Skelbride and Moholt have danced together. In fact, they participated in NM and WC in dancing together.

—But that was twelve years ago, so we don’t remember any of it, as Skelbrid tells Nettavisen and laughs.

The dance partner was present

After Skjelbreid won “Skal vi danse” in 2009, the idea of ​​sending a couple without a dance background to the World Cup came up. The 50-year-old was then paired with the winner from the previous year, Catherine Moholt, and TV series 2 “Hjelp, vi skal til VM” was created.

With them on the team, the duo had former judge Tour Fleisvik “Shall we dance” as coach, but before they could participate in WC they had to qualify through NM. It should be a relatively simple task, says Karsten Skelbrid.

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– We had a couple with us, and that was us. He laughs, so winning wasn’t too difficult.

The winners of the “Shall We Dance” program competed in the adult category, since there was no special competition in this country. During NM, the two danced in the same group as the “regular” class – and the distinction between Skjelbreid, Moholt and professional dancers became crystal clear on the dance floor.

At least if we are to believe Svalastog, who witnessed it all.

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– I remember it so well. I was probably twelve years old, and I myself entered a national competition. So I was there and I saw them dance against Norway’s best couples on Earth, I remember it well, reveals Svalastog to Nettavisen.

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– What do you think of their performance?

– No comment, says the professional dancer cunningly before laughing heartily.

– No permission. But I remember my coaches had just moved from Denmark to Norway and they were on top of the world. So seeing them next to Catherine and Karsten…there was little difference between them. It was a lot of fun, adds Svalastog.

– You don’t remember anything

There was absolutely no victory in the restroom, but Karsten Skelbrid and Catherine Moholt did their best and beat many other dancing couples.

In fact, they came in at 37th out of 49 pairs in the first class, in other words, they beat a total of 12 pairs.

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However, the former dancing couple doesn’t think they have any advantage next Saturday, even though they’ve danced together before, since it’s been a long time since their WC project.

– No, we don’t remember anything about her, Moholt laughs and adds:

But we may have the advantage that we know each other so well. We are friends, we have no barriers – and we dare to introduce ourselves.

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