Shall We Dance: All Stars: Directed by Agnet Saba Shall We Dance: All Stars

Shall We Dance: All Stars: Directed by Agnet Saba Shall We Dance: All Stars

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It was an unusual prom when celebrities had to dance and dance — and ‘lip sync’ with star performers on the seventh broadcast Shall we dance: All Stars Saturday.

On the dance floor, among other things, artist Agnet Saba, 28, reprized the ’90s song “Wannabe” as “Baby Spice” on the Spice Girls, while TV file and presenter Nathan “Nate” Kahungu, 26, was inspired by pop icon Michael. Jackson.

FUNKYFAM: Shall We Dance: All-Star Yorgini Massa Fasstrand Bruno Mars danced with her brothers Noah, Emil and Silas Fasstrand. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

It has been proven that the level among the rest of the participants in all the stars is high in the sky. Last Saturday, as many as five pairs got a pot full. This week it became known that the judges saw each other They should be tight in scoring – scores should be hanging higher.

It was mirroring the evening broadcast, where there were mostly sevens and eights. However, actor Genghis Al (24) and Ricky Lund (27) managed to climb to the top with 30 points.

off the dance

Tonight, it was Kahungu and Saba who ended up at the bottom of the score list and thus had to go out into the arena again for an intense dancer duel.

Sheba is less exciting for viewers, and therefore was excluded from the competition.

So far in Skal vi danse: All-star har Triana Iglesias (40)And the Lacey Matberg (37)And the Eric Softland (34)And the Martin Lundy (26)And the Victor Soutberg (31) And the Curry Traa (48) He had to say goodbye to his dancing adventure.

Watch the latest Agnit Saba dance in the video at the top of the story.

When Channel Two met the 28-year-old after breaking out, she made no secret of her disappointment.

– I think it’s very sad. I was looking forward to next week. And sadly, I rush into lip syncing which is supposed to be a thing for me.

She was joined by dance partner Jürgen Nielsen, who also believed the judges were too strict.

– I think it’s boring as hell. I think the referees got it wrong tonight. They choose to pull it down, because they think the choreography is too simple, and Agnete has nothing to do with that. This week we got help from our choreographers. We just did what we were told to do.

– How will you feel when you don’t meet at the dance center?

– I will release one song soon. Then there’s going to be some music video shooting, and then I’ll have some gigs. But I wish I’d been able to keep dancing with Jurgen for the last few weeks left, so it’s a bit awkward, says Saba.

– I find it very boring. I used to have it in my life. Kind of sad it’s over now, but that’s the way the game goes. We had a plan to go a little further. I don’t think they know exactly who they sent. Nielsen says it would have been great if we had stayed here a little longer.

This was the evening dance

Dance, music, and party performances took center stage during Saturday’s broadcast.

The first couple of the evening were presenter and TV personality Nathan “Nate” Kahongo (26) and Nadia Khamitskaya (39). They featured Michael Jackson’s wild dance on the song “Smooth Criminal”. The duo got 22 points.

Program leader Catherine Moholt, 49, wanted to pay tribute to the men in her life, and along with Tarjee Svalastog, 24, Bjorn Wittrey Holth, 41, and Ole Thomas Hansen, 22, among others, put on a hilarious show. For weather girls it’s raining guys. They got 27 points.

She took her husband on stage – was very moved: – Absolutely raw!

In true Justin Timberlake style, former swimmer Alexander Hetland, 39, and Helen Spelling, 25, danced to “Rock Your Body.” The duo got 22 points.

Alexander received criticism for Justin Timberlake’s dance: – Better sit down

Actor Genghis Al (24) and Ricky Lund (27) dance to Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved”. They get 30 points.

The lounge is in ecstasy after a touching dance: – Absolutely perfect

Actress Agnit Saba (28 years old) was “Baby Spice” for the occasion, and gave a wonderful performance of the Spice Girls songs “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life”, alongside Jørgen Nilsen (31). The pair scored 21 points.

Hit with the wild Spice Girls show

With poodle braids and a leather jacket, influencer Iselin Guttormsen (35) managed to star in Bon Jovi’s song “Livin’ On A Prayer,” along with Catalin Andrei Mihu (28) and Ole Thomas Hansen (22). Total 22 points.

Islin shook like Bon Jovi: – Good sympathy

The impact of Jurgen “Funkygine” training Massa Vasstrand (33) and Santino Merina (28) brought former brothers, Noah (21), Emil and Silas (24), to the ground. They lived up to the name “Funky” with Bruno Mars’ songs “Uptown Funk” and “24K Magic”. The group collected 26 points.

Jørgine and Funkyfam set the dance floor on fire: – I wonder what it was made of!

Watch Skal vi danse: All Stars on Saturday 19.30 on TV 2 and TV 2 play.

Watch Dansebobla on Mondays and Thursdays TV 2 play.

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