Shares of Oslo Poor’s rose – three companies increased by more than 20 percent

Shares of Oslo Poor's rose - three companies increased by more than 20 percent

Zaptek It rose 4.1 percent to NOK 43.16 According to TDN, the company posted a quarterly update on Monday, and was able to point to an 82 percent turnover growth over the same period last year. Pareto thinks the stock looks cheap, but lowers the target price from 90 to 70 kroner.

Crayon Holding Group And fell 11.7 percent to 141.00 crowns. The major shareholder sold 4.4 million shares in Crayon at NOK 145 per share. Action.

Fifth Planet Games It published its annual report on MondayOn Tuesday, it fell 5.8 percent to 1.20 crowns.

Rate And fell 4.1 percent to 17.70 Norwegian crowns. DNB Markets lowers its target price rating from 22 to 18 kroner according to TDN.

Housing prices and Russia sanctions

Figures released by Eiendom Norge on Tuesday showed house prices rose 1.1 percent in March 2022. Adjusted for seasonal changes, prices rose 1.0 percent.

Everything indicates that we are seeing a shift in the housing market from two years ago with pandemic-driven demand and strong price growth. On the way to normalization, we must also take into account that higher inflation and higher interest costs will affect house prices. Nothing grows in the sky, says Giving.

The March price increase contributed to the first quarter being the strongest ever, according to Eiendom Norge’s price stats. We were visited in the studio by NBBL’s Chief Economist Christian Berknes. He believes the price increase will subside throughout the year, but notes that April’s development will be crucial. He also says that one should not only be concerned with the rising costs of materials in the industry, but also the risk of shortages in materials. 05.04.2022

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Tuesday that the European Union will impose new sanctions on Russia that will affect, among other things, coal and shipping.

The tougher sanctions may come after news that Russian forces were behind the killing of civilians in a suburb of Kyiv.

A direct EU ban on Russian energy imports is likely to disrupt global trade flows. Russian gas accounted for about 45 percent of European Union gas imports and nearly 40 percent of total gas consumption in 2021, while it amounted to about 2.7 million barrels annually. “Today, Russian crude oil was exported to the European Union, or about a quarter of all EU imports before the invasion of Ukraine,” Platts wrote.

Jens Stoltenberg also made statements regarding the situation. The Secretary-General expects a new major offensive from Russia in eastern and southern Ukraine, NTB writes.

– We are now witnessing a large movement of troops away from Kyiv, to regroup, arm and equip. They are turning their focus towards the east. In the coming weeks, we expect another Russian advance into eastern and southern Ukraine to attempt to capture the whole of Donbass and create a land bridge to occupied Crimea.

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