Sharing new photos of missing Christopher

Sharing new photos of missing Christopher

Christopher Ordal was reported missing on Monday 13 May after he did not return from a mountain trip in Stryn.

The missing 30-year-old reportedly sent messages to his family from his mountain home on May 10, but no one heard from him.

Little sister Julie Ordal confirms this to Dagbladet.

The family has now shared pictures of Christopher wearing the clothes he was wearing, hoping someone will have new information in the case.

Dark blue jacket

Police recently shared a surveillance image from a grocery store in Stryn dated Friday, May 10. Christopher can be seen here wearing a blue jacket. The family shared new photos of the jacket and shoes he was wearing before his disappearance.

Stryn: Police shared this surveillance image of a 30-year-old man from a shop in Stryn. Here he is wearing a blue Delhi jacket. Photo: Police
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– His jacket has an eye-catching color, which we think will make him easier to remember or notice.

Little sister Julie tells Dagbladet on Sunday evening.

– This is Delhi jacket in royal blue color. Easy to spot color. He then put on black hiking pants and some black Viking shoes with neon green tips and soles.

– In addition, he is a tall man, he says.

Julie and the family hope the new photos will help identify Christopher and encourage people in the local area to come forward if they see anything.

– We also share this regarding the observations here at Strain. If, contrary to the hypothesis, he should have come down the hill, he could have been observed by a dashboard camera or home surveillance, for example, he adds.

Black Shoes: These are the shoes used by Christopher Stryn on a mountain trip.  Photo: Private

Black Shoes: These are the shoes used by Christopher Stir during his mountain expedition. Photo: Private
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Comprehensive search function

So far, search teams and volunteers have been searching the area around Stryn since Monday 13 May for a 30-year-old man who went missing. Police also searched around the mountain peaks of Staurinippa and Rheimsfjellet.

The police formally ended the search on 17 May, but the search resumed on Sunday, with the cooperation of about 20 – 25 people from the local Red Cross.

– We will conduct a comprehensive search from the area where the mobile phone of the missing person last sent a signal.

Search operation: The picture shows the trousers and jacket the 30-year-old was wearing when he went missing.  Photo: Private

Search operation: The picture shows the trousers and jacket the 30-year-old was wearing when he went missing. Photo: Private
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The head of the police force, Vidar Stavik, told the Fordingen newspaper.

Stavik added that the search would continue into Monday morning.

– Do the incredible job

The family is extremely grateful to those who are currently involved in the search for Christopher, who is now missing.

– We cannot be prouder of those who are working to solve this, says Sister Julie on Sunday evening.

– Every person standing is doing an incredible job and we really appreciate it, he adds.

Police have asked members of the public to call 02800 if they have any information on the case.

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