Sharing photos of students in a “Christmas Calendar”.

Sharing photos of students in a "Christmas Calendar".

The headmaster of Horsons School in East Jutland, Denmark, is strongly against the “Christmas calendar trend”.

An unknown user created an account on Instagram where photos of two high school students were shared on Friday.

The description says that a new female student will be counted for Advent.

– We collected 24 of the most beautiful girls from Horsens High School. Christmas is saved. According to Danish, unlock a new cheeky pixie girl every day, the account’s description says Television 2He was the first to mention the case.

Unlike Norway, the Danes still use the word gymnasium to refer to secondary school in this country.

Not the first time

This is not the first time such an account has been created.

According to Danish TV 2, accounts of students sorting each other by appearance circulated, and reports of similar “Christmas calendars” have been sent from other high schools in the past.

A quick search on Instagram confirms this, with numerous references to “Christmas calendars” in Danish high schools across the country.

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May break the law

According to Danish TV 2, the principal of the school, Fleming Steen Jensen, says that it is very surprising that someone created such a profile.

– This really surprises me. I think there’s a lot that adults, professionals, teachers, and administration don’t know, but it’s still not consistent with how we treat each other, gender, and view each other today, says Jensen. to the newspaper.

The principal also points out that the account likely violates privacy laws because it appears to be sharing images of students without permission.

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– This is a way of turning students into an object, and I can’t say for sure that all students find it fun to display like this, the headmaster continues.

He also encourages whoever is behind the account to delete it.

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