June 10, 2023


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Sharon Osbourne on the operation: – I’m over it

TV personality Sharon Osbourne, 70, is one of many celebrities to have gone under the knife multiple times, and she has previously been open about her interventions.

punished after interfering

In the fall of 2021, Osbourne underwent plastic surgery, but when she saw the result, she was not happy with her appearance.

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– scared me

In other words, this procedure gave no pleasure, and now the 70-year-old says she refuses to have another face-lift, because the previous one left one eye smaller than the other.

– You alienated me and frightened me. I’m so over it with my last plastic surgery and now I’m just thinking I don’t want to do anything else, She told the British newspaper exclusively the sun.

She continues:

– Time is against me, I can’t have another facelift.

My heart is broken for him

My heart is broken for him

Although Osborn thought he was a failure, she previously joked about comparing herself to a Greek mythological creature known to have only one eye.

– You looked like a fucking giant, she said after the operation.

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– terrible pain

A year ago, Osborne opened up about the highly publicized operation. She did so in an interview with the newspaper Sunday times.

– It hurts so much. You have no idea what an operation that should have taken five and a half hours, said the 70-year-old.

He is not recognizable in the new photos

He is not recognizable in the new photos

She said she looked like a “mummy wrapped in bandages” after the operation. And when she was finally able to see the result, she replied in shock to the surgeon and asked if it was nonsense.

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And the husband of the TV profile, Ozzy Osbourne (74), should not have been impressed with the result.

“I don’t care how much it cost, we’ll rebuild it,” he said, revealing her husband’s reaction.

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