Sharpie Dean: – He died suddenly:

Sharpie Dean: - He died suddenly:

On Tuesday of this week, it became known that the South African model and actor Charlie Dean passed away at the age of 32. When news of the shock came, he described the cause of death as an “unexpected illness”.

Dean, who appeared in Robin Ostlund’s “Triangle of Sorrow,” died in a New York hospital where she was with fiancé Luke Volcker (26).

In an interview with rolling rock Alex Jacobs’ brother, 21, is now opening up about his sister’s sudden death.

– I’m not quite sure

It was said that the Black Lightning star had a headache before he died, and so he went to bed. She allegedly woke her boyfriend and begged him to take her to the hospital.

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– We’re still not sure what happened. An autopsy is being done, which we know may take some time. But what we’re told is that she had a viral infection in her lungs, Jacobs tells the magazine, adding that it all happened within a day.

According to Jacobs, the DC star was in a serious car accident in 2009 and broke his back and ribs. It is believed that the injuries she sustained may have contributed to her death.

– They removed her spleen. It helps fight infection and may have something to do with what happened. He adds that the fact that her spleen was not present may have contributed to her failure to fight off the infection.

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engaged / engaged

Dean and his fiancée had been dating for four years before announcing their engagement on April 8. The actor revealed it on his Instagram page.

The engagement took place in New York where the couple exchanged their first kiss.

In the wake of the shocking news, the 26-year-old has also opened up about the death of his fiancée. In a video on Volker’s Instagram profile, he talks candidly about the recent past.

“Welcome. I just wanted to post a picture of my mustache, but it’s a bit tricky,” the video began.

“And I just wanted to tell you guys that I see all your messages, all the love and I appreciate it. I really. It’s just that I can’t answer them now. But thanks guys. I appreciate it. I love you guys,” he adds in the conclusion.

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