She can decide the elections in Sweden – VG

She can decide the elections in Sweden - VG
Voted: Annie Löw, who leads the Swedish Center Party, cast her pre-vote in Stockholm last Friday.

Center leader Annie Love was the target of a terrorist attack on Jutland this summer. Her confidence is growing among the voters. Elections can be decided in Sweden next Sunday.


Substantial support for the Swedish Center Party will in this case help the Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson to be re-elected prime minister.

Anderson’s government replacement has a slim lead in the final campaign race. The Social Democrats, the Green Party, the Center Party and the Left Party together have the support of 50.3 percent of voters in Sevo measurement on Tuesdayby Svenska Dagbladet.

The right-wing party, with moderate leader Ulf Christerson alongside the Liberals, Christian Democrats and Sweden Democrats, lags just 1.5 percentage points in this poll, making a total of 48.8 percent.

in Expressen trust scan Center Party leader Annie Love has the confidence of 30 percent of voters, much greater than that of her party, which is likely to get between six and eight percent of the vote on Saturday.

The fact that Love may have been the target of a terrorist attack has aroused sympathy for her. But at the same time, it is a clearer voice with a clearer message now at the end of the election campaign, Sifo’s chief opinion officer, Toivo Sjörén tells VG.

– but it moves voters across the bloc’s boundaries somewhat. He adds that the increased support is due to her being returned to the voters of the Social Democrats.

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On the same page: Annie Love (left) has apparently put herself on the same side in politics as Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson (right).

40 meters

He was close to Löf during Jutland Political Week on 6 July.

A 42-year-old man stabbed and killed the famous Swedish psychiatrist Ing Marie Weiselgren. Annie Love was 40 meters away and was on her way to a press conference.

According to Prosecutor Henrik Olin, the prosecution suspects that the 39-year-old Center Party leader was the target of what has been classified as a terrorist attack.

The accused with the knife has a long history in psychiatry and a past in the far-right northern resistance movement. Annie Love was later granted aggrieved status and appointed as legal counsel.

“Obviously this is horrific and affects me. But hate must not win,” Love announced on Twitter.

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On the campaign trail, the centrist leader clearly chose a side:

She has said that she can sit in government with Magdalena Anderson, and has equally made clear that cooperation in government with the Swedish Democrats is impossible.

Equally clear, I have ruled out ruling with the Left Party.

SD is greater than moderate

But the Centren leader isn’t the only party battling the wind towards the end of the election campaign.

Over the past month, the Swedish Democrats, SD, have overtaken the Moderates in support and are set to become Sweden’s second largest party in several opinion polls in recent days.

Both parties are fighting over the 20% line.

The moderate leader said he was open to negotiating with the Swedish Democrats if there was a bourgeois majority in parliament after the elections, but refused the government’s cooperation. What will happen if the SD really becomes the largest bourgeois party remains to be seen.

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– The difference in support between moderates and democratic supporters is within the margin of error and I will not take the opportunity to guess who will be the biggest in the elections. It has a lot to do with mobilizing voters from the couch, says Toivo Sjörén, something that moderates have traditionally been adept at.

– Based on the measurements, can one now designate an election winner on Sunday?

– It is impossible to answer. When there is a small percentage difference between the blocks, it means that one percent of the electorate crosses the block boundary before you get another majority. The electoral expert says the latest discussions of party leaders in the next few days may mean more than usual.

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