– She can say whatever she wants – VG

- She can say whatever she wants - VG
NM-GOLD: Therese Gohaug outperformed everyone and won the 10km race in Harstad on Saturday.

Therese Juhaug, 33, believes that Russian figure skating chief Jelena Valpi is not telling the truth about her in the Russian media.


Russian ski chief and cross-country ski legend, Jelena Valbe, has stated in the Russian media that Therese Juhaug has been pressured to speak critically about Russia’s participation in cross-country skiing.

Välbe believes the evidence is that Johaug hugged Natalya Neprjajeva after a 10km run during the Lahti World Cup on February 27.

– Everyone has the right to have their opinions and can express them, but when you see a Norwegian player hug Natalia Nebrazheva after the end, and then give an interview in which she says that she does not want to compete with the Russians .. It is clear that Valbe told the Russian website Sport24 that the leaders asked her to say so Dagbladet Monday.

Gohog won by 1.2 seconds over the Russian Nebrazheva.

The 32-year-old heads to Reistadløpet (50 kilometres) outside Bardufoss on Saturday. The Queen across the country answered questions from the press for a few minutes at a digital media meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

VG asked questions about Välbe’s accusations.

Were you pressured to speak frankly about Russia’s participation in cross-country skiing?

No, Johog answers.

– What do you think about Russia’s participation in cross-country skiing in the future?

– As long as the war goes on, I don’t think it’s okay, answers Gohog.

– What do you think of the way Välbe chooses to put words in your mouth?

“She can say whatever she wants,” Gohog answers.

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Johaug manager Jørn Ernst told NRK about Välbe’s comments on Monday:

– Therese was not asked to say anything from the skating department. She speaks on her own and has her own independent opinions.

Mighty: Jelena Valbe runs cross-country skiing in Russia. She is known for being a close friend of Vladimir Putin. Here during an interview with VG during the Ski World Cup in Lahti in 2017.

After the World Cup races in Lahti, Russia was banned from races in Drammen and Holmenkollen and the World Cup final in Falun. Alexander Bolshunov, Natalia Nebrizheva and the rest of Russia’s stars were in Norway when it was reported that they were not allowed to go to the World Cup after Putin’s war with Ukraine.

The Russian Lubricant Bus at Holmenkollen is marked with Ukrainian flags and emblems.

– Now it’s not safe there, our trailer was stained with paint. The behavior of the Norwegians is totally unworthy. The Russian star wrote to MatchTV When he arrived at the Moscow airport, I was shocked by it NRK.

Many Bolshunov Shepherds cut with the Russian Olympic champion Having lined up, along with many other sports stars, for Putin in the Anniversary of the inclusion Crimea at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on March 21.

Nebrajiva Crashed When Russian Practitioners F . BannedIn the Paralympics.

In such a situation, no words are enough for comfort. “I can’t understand how the practitioners feel,” Nebrajiva told the news agency. tast.

It is up to the governing board of the International Ski Federation (FIS Council) whether the Russians will be allowed to take part in the World Cup when it begins again at the end of November.

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Three miles ago in Holmenkollen, Juhuge announced that this was her last season at the top level. The 32-year-old won three Olympic gold medals in Beijing.

In recent days, I have put everyone in their rightful place in the national championships in Harstad. First, Gohaug won the gold in the 10km on Saturday, about two minutes ahead of second-placed Mart Skanes. On Tuesday, she became Norway’s three-mile champion, nearly four minutes ahead of Margrethe Bergan in second.

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