Sherry (39 years old) kidnapped him himself – VG

Sherry (39 years old) kidnapped him himself - VG
Acknowledgments: Sherry Papini leaves court on April 13, after she was arrested in March for falsifying her kidnapping story.

American Sherry Babini, 39, made headlines around the world when she disappeared from a jogging trip in 2016. Now she has to go to prison for faking her kidnapping.


Sherry Babini emerged as a totally normal mom to two young children from Reading, California, when she disappeared off the face of the earth during a jogging trip in November 2016.

Three weeks later, she appeared on a highway, 240 kilometers from her home. I was beaten, starved and burned. Her long blond hair was cut short.

Papini alleged that she was kidnapped, threatened with a gun, tied up and abused for 22 days.

The disappearance of the young blonde received great attention, and a large-scale search was conducted for her. According to the magazine, a GoFundMe account has raised nearly $50,000 for Papini’s husband and children People.

Conducting the Great Search: “The whole world” followed him as police and volunteers desperately searched for a mother of two. In fact, she was with her ex-boyfriend in Costa Mesa.

Up to 25 years in prison

Now, five years later, the 39-year-old has pleaded guilty to making up the entire story. The confession comes after an FBI investigation revealed that she actually spent 22 days with her ex-boyfriend.

And she was arrested on March 3 this year in front of her two children, according to what he reported Sacramento bee.

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The FBI concluded that Papini caused his own injuries – or had his ex-girlfriend do it for her. The guard writes.

Papini told authorities she was kidnapped by two Latin American women. Now she has signed an agreement with the prosecution where she pleaded guilty to lying about the circumstances

“I am very ashamed of myself for my behavior and very sorry for the pain I have caused to my family, friends, all the good people who have suffered needlessly because of my story and those who worked so hard to try to help me,” says one statmentPosted by her attorney.

I want to work the rest of my life to make up for what I’ve done.

Papini faces up to 25 years in prison and fines totaling $500,000, according to CNN.

Sorry: Sherry Papini said in a statement that she is very sorry for the mistake she made.

DNA detection

When she was first brought to justice in 2016, Papini gave investigators very specific details about her alleged kidnappers. She said she spent many of her families chained to a room with covered windows, and that the women were playing loud music.

Nothing Papini said helped the authorities track down any of the perpetrators. It wasn’t until the spring of 2017 when investigators found the evidence that led them to the conclusion: Sherry Papini wasn’t kidnapped — she ran away.

According to the 53-page indictment issued by a US district court last week, the evidence was male DNA on the pants and underwear she was wearing when they were found. The authorities concluded that the DNA did not belong to her kidnappers or to Papini’s husband.

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unknown intentions

In March 2020, they got a match in quest – which in turn led them to Pappini’s ex-girlfriend. He confessed during interrogation that he helped Papine escape, because she claimed that her husband abused her.

The ex-girlfriend claims he doesn’t know what Papini’s intentions are – but has stated that he thinks the two will end up in a romantic relationship again. However, unlike many people who vanish on their own, she returns to her husband and children after the episode ended.

Papini has stuck to his story for a long time — and made his last statement in August 2020 about the kidnapping, according to The Guardian. The paper writes that it remains unclear why Papini would want to kidnap himself.

got compensation

Papini is said to have received more than $30,000 in compensation from the government after the fake kidnapping, including money for treating anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as hospitalization costs.

The money collected through GoFundMe was used, among other things, to pay off credit card debts. However, authorities said they do not plan to charge her husband, Keith Babini, with any crimes.

Papini is expected to plead guilty at the next court hearing, on Monday, April 18, to charges of postal fraud and making a false statement. The first is justified by the fact that parts of the compensation she received was mailed.

Brian Jackson, one of the lead investigators on the case, told the Sacramento Bee that he had mixed feelings about the case’s outcome.

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– You’re glad you “solved the case”, but you’re also upset … It didn’t have to go that far if someone was going to stand up and tell us the truth from the start, he says.

– I want to know the reason behind this. We hope to get more clarity as this progresses.

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