Shock after the vandalism: – Horrible

Shock after the vandalism: – Horrible

– I was shocked. It's absolutely terrible, Roger Rostand tells Dagbladet.

He is the general manager of the cabin supplier Norske fjellhus AS and the building owner of the old Flesberg School in Buskerud.

It was Tuesday that he received a phone call from the acting mayor of Fleisberg.

Rostand says Flesberg Utvikling AS bought the school building to create an element factory and vocational centre, but is currently leasing parts of the building to a local kindergarten.

The janitor entered the school building because the kindergarten had lost access to the Internet.

“He called me completely terrified and said that someone had broken into the school, and that it looked very terrible there,” says Rostand.

The building owner quickly called the police and the insurance company.

– That they could destroy as much as they did. They were active, those who were there. They were everywhere, from the basement to the rooftop. It is a large building with an area of ​​about 3,000 square metres. They destroyed something in almost every room, he says.

The photos seen by Dagbladet show significant physical damage to the building, and drawings of swastikas on two walls and a whiteboard.

He was Laagendalsposten Who mentioned this issue for the first time. The newspaper wrote that the police conducted an investigation into the crime scene that lasted more than three hours on Wednesday evening.

Photo: Roger Rostand
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– Completely crushed

The company also used the building to store various materials, which, according to Rosand, were destroyed during the break-in.

The building owner entered the building with the police and took several photos.

– He says frankly: – The view we met on all floors and in all rooms was not good.

According to Rostand, this is not the first time his property has been vandalized. His company also purchased the old Lambland School in the municipality of Flisberg.

According to Rosand, they have been involved in similar incidents there several times in the past year.

– They completely destroyed the school there. It's even worse than that. They have crushed absolutely everything possible. There is nothing usable left. They allegedly smashed the elevator and tried to set fire to the garage.

Photo: Roger Rostand

Photo: Roger Rostand
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He says the company tried to secure the building, including nailing doors and windows.

Cortisone: Doctor's warning

Cortisone: Doctor's warning

– Then they broke the window and went straight back inside. It's absolutely terrible.

This has happened several times, Rostand says.

Then he addresses the perpetrators:

-We hope they will join us and resolve this matter. This is not the way we do things in Fleisberg Municipality. Unity and hard work is what we stand for, and this is completely wrong.

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