Shocked: dead

Shocked: dead

Art Jimerson died on May 8, his family confirmed on social media.

-He is remembered for his love of God, family and boxing. She says he will be deeply missed by those who knew him StatementThrough the martial arts organization Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The message vibrates: – Terrified

Jimmerson lived to be 60 years old. The cause of death is currently unknown.

The boxer is perhaps best remembered for participating in the first-ever UFC event in Denver.

The organization, which later became the world's largest in martial arts, was founded in 1993 at UFC 1, pitting different styles of martial arts against each other to settle the eternal debate about which combat sport is the most effective.

Boxer Jimerson appeared with only one boxing glove on his left hand, while his right was bare. This particular scene generates interest in the martial arts community of then and today.

By the way, Jimerson lost the match to the legendary Royce Gracie, the Brazilian who won the UFC 1 tournament, after defeating the aforementioned Jimerson, Ken Shamrock and Gerard Gordo on the same night (!).

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-Jimmerson will always be remembered for his groundbreaking fight against Gracie, in which he appeared with only one glove. Although he lost the fight, he wrote his name in the history of mixed martial arts and became an ambassador for this sport, the UFC wrote on its website.

The loss to Gracie was Jimerson's first and last fight in mixed martial arts. During his boxing career, he won 33 fights and lost 18.

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