May 18, 2022


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"Shut Down Apple TV" - ITavisen

“Shut Down Apple TV” – ITavisen

Despite the fact that the Apple TV 4K has been updated with an updated Siri remote control and HomePod mini, the company’s engineers are not satisfied with the hardware strategy for the home.

A little bit of optimism internally

Apple is expected to offer more products in the coming years, but every time. Today, the tech giant’s employees aren’t overly satisfied, and they report little internal optimism, according to Mark Gorman, an Apple specialist, in Bloomberg.

In Gurman’s latest news release, anonymous Apple engineers expressed skepticism about the company’s hardware strategy in the living room and called it “incoherent.” The Apple TV has faced stiff competition from cheaper alternatives from Amazon and Roku, among others, but Gurman still sees significant benefits from the Apple ecosystem, but whether it’s worth the relatively high price you’re paying for it, he’s not sure.

Excellent value for players?

It also states that more features or innovations around the Apple TV are needed, if the company is to remain relevant. Apple Marketing Director Tim Twerdahl previously said that the Apple TV has excellent value for gamers, but not everyone agrees with it. First, you have to pay for Apple Arcade and the content of the game is according to Gurman, which is something Apple must work on if it aims to retain customers.

“Turn off Apple TV”

Apple is rumored to have a hybrid product in the works that includes a HomePod, screen, and camera, but it likely won’t be released until 2023. If Apple fails to do so, Gurman says, the Apple TV should be placed in the same category as the HomePod — whose sales no longer exist.

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