Sidney Sweeney, retouching | The ‘Ecstasy’ star creates total confusion with her bikini photo

Sidney Sweeney, retouching |  The 'Ecstasy' star creates total confusion with her bikini photo

He may remember a lot The dress that set the internet on fire with the question of whether it was really white and gold or blue and black. People couldn’t agree, and stars like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift rose to the discussion that never gave a right answer.

Now it seems to have happened again. But this time it’s not whether you see different colors that makes the comment field boil.

“Euphoria” star Sidney Sweeney (24), Tuesday, posted a number of photos of her in a bikini on Instagram, where everything but the bikini got attention.

I can’t agree

In addition to comments about the actor’s gorgeous appearance, there are many who have noted where parts of Sweeney’s leg went.

Some believe that the photos have been clearly redacted, while others cannot understand how people cannot see her leg in the photos.

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– For an embarrassing photoshop error in both the first and third image, one writes in the comments field.

– I don’t understand what people mean. I can clearly see her leg in both photos, writes another.

The discussion among fans eventually got to the point that the Instagram account “Problematicfame”, which deals daily with celebrities who retouch photos on the Internet, saw itself compelled to contact the photo illustrator for clarification.

– I’m not cynical, but this photo looks exactly like the case of the blue/black dress. I’ve been staring at the photo for a long time, but couldn’t figure it out, writes the account on the Instagram story post.

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It is basically the number three photo in the star-actor series that fans are scratching at right now. But also the first picture is the person wondering.

But the photographer made it clear in his speech that the photos had not been redacted.

The photographer had to explain himself

In a messaging between the alleged photographer and the “Problematicfame” Instagram account, the photographer explained that it was the light and angle that made it look like Sweeney had lost part of his leg.

On the other hand, if you adjust the light a bit, or look closely enough, you can see the stem through the shadows.

– I see now. It’s definitely a colorful/light thing, he writes “Problematicfame” and attaches screenshots of his message correspondence with the photographer.

– Her leg is here. It is the shadow that makes it almost impossible to see, write the account further and attach “evidence” of this phenomenon.

The actor himself has not yet commented on the confusion surrounding the photos.

Not the first time

As I said, this is not the first time that photos have been confused on the Internet.

Back in 2019, it was Kim Kardashian who caused total confusion in a campaign for Kylie Jenner’s sister fragrance.

But it was anything but the fragrance that stole the attention. In no time, Kim Kardashian’s toes were hotly debated. Many believed that they could count six toes on a star’s foot, and claimed that the picture should be revised.

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‘Does it drive me crazy, or does Kim have six fingers? Can someone explain, I am confused. I’ve been back many times,” one follower wrote below the photo, at the same time that users on Twitter also signed up for the discussion.

A Kardashian spokesperson came out at the time Sixth page They claimed that extra toes were not the result of photo editing, but rather the angle of the feet on the photos.

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