February 1, 2023


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Erik Røhne Andersen, markedssjef i Tusenfryd

Signe on hold in Tusenfryd – NRK Kultur og underholdning

– We are very surprised by the reactions. We wanted this to be a good show for a few of our customers. But we listen to people and we abandon that scheme, says NRK’s ​​Director of Marketing.

– Do you understand that many reactions?

We see that children have different prerequisites and financial means, but similar systems already exist elsewhere in society. But now we’re going back. The Norwegians weren’t ready for that yet, says Ronnie Andersen.

By purchasing an express pass for 300 kroner in addition to the entrance ticket, which costs about 500 kroner, you can bypass the regular queue and into a shorter queue. This was true of the park’s eight largest attractions.

The last 24 hours were a roller coaster for Toussenfried. Here is a sample Speedmonster from the park outside Oslo.

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

strong feedback

After NRK on Monday said about her That the theme park outside of Oslo started with fast lanes, there were very strong reactions. the two in Social media And from political team.

Many believe that Tusenfryd helps show kids who can avoid standing in line and who can’t.

Culture Minister Annette Trettbergstoen (Labour) was one of those who asked the park to drop express passes.

Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Annette Trietbergstein

Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Annette Trietbergstein.

Photo: Ilja C. Hendel/Ministry of Culture

– As a mother and politician, I thought this was unmusical. The park will create an A and B team for our kids based on who paid for it. This is very unconventional, she told NRK.

Daisies are owned by the large Spanish company Parques Reunidos, which operates several parks in Europe with similar express permits. This was the first time a Norwegian theme park had started something like this.

– The Spanish owner is surprised by the reactions, but they also want the audience to be heard, says Røhne Andersen of Tusenfryd.

Did the initiative come from them or from you?

– This is based on the positive feedback the owner has received in other parks.

Pay will reap the past

Signe Møller Ørslien was in Tusenfryd this weekend. There I faced having to wait longer in line because the person with the express ticket had to drive first.

Signe Møller Ørslien

Signe Møller Ørslien only bought a regular ticket in Tusenfryd and therefore had to wait longer in line.

Photo: Stig Jaarvik, NRK

– We were on our way to drive an attraction and were in line for a long time. When we got to the queue and had to board, we had to wait another round because someone with a fast passport had to drive in front of us, says the 12-year-old.

– I think it is a pity that those who have more money can come first in the waiting list. It was a wonderful experience for us. Mueller Urslin tells NRK that everyone should stand in line for the same length of time.

Takes Daisies in Defense

Silje Hjemdal of Progress Party reacts to what she thinks «Gapstick mentality». She is a member of the Family and Culture Committee in Parliament.

Selji Scmdal in the Progress Party.

Selji Gimdal of the Progress Party defends Toussenfried’s new waiting list initiative.

Photo: private

I think it’s a bit double-edged to have one special player put to the gallows in this way. Many in this debate get up too quickly without thinking that they’ve bought themselves a first-row ticket to a state-sponsored theater show or extra legroom on the plane. Where is the limit? Sizedal says.

She notes that many private players have recently had a rough time without financial compensation for the energy crisis and price war.

Then companies have to try their hand and find ways to get things done and adapt their offerings.

disabled children

Through the Children’s Ombudsman, Ragnhild Hartvixen was appointed as the Children’s Parliamentary Representative for Labour. she sitting in Family and Culture Committee. Hartviksen is highly critical of the Tusenfryd express queue system and is particularly concerned about children with disabilities.

Ragnhild Male Hartviksen, AP

Ragnhild Hartvixen is the Labor Party’s Children’s Representative in Parliament.

Photo: Heidi Doctor

Hartvixen says I worry that our tolerance for this group, which she really needs, will be weakened by this scheme.

NRK has also been in contact with other major theme parks in the country. None of the other parks say they want to introduce something like this, but Dyreparken in Kristiansand, Sommarland in Bø and Hunderfossen family park say several fast queuing schemes have been up for discussion.

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