Sigrid Bond Tosvik, Easter Talk | Easter talk: Sigrid Bond Tosvik (44)

Sigrid Bond Tosvik, Easter Talk |  Easter talk: Sigrid Bond Tosvik (44)

In Nettavisen's Easter column, it's all about Easter, and many celebrities talk about their plans for this holiday and their best and worst memories of Easter. At the very least, they reveal what they should have in the Easter egg. From us to you – Happy Easter!

Comedian and actress Sigrid Bond Tosvik (44) has appeared in a number of theaters across the country and has taken on various television and film roles. She also has the podcast “Tusvik og Tønne” with Lisa Tønne (46 years old).

Bond Tosvik has many traditions and memories associated with Easter, but there is one memory in particular that struck her.

Here's Easter talk with Sigrid Bond Tosvik:

What are your plans for Easter and who will you spend it with?
-I will be with my children and my girlfriend. I will also be writing on my show “Ond Spiral”. Getting around and experiencing the country after Easter.

What is your Easter tradition?
– Draw Easter eggs of each other's faces on eggs on Easter morning.

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What is the most overrated Easter tradition?
– Aperol spray.

What is your best Easter memory?
– The cabin at Valdres with its hand-painted egg cups with fanciful decorations, and plaques on the wall bearing Margit Hjoksi quotes that my mother sang to us in the evenings.

What is your worst Easter memory?
– The neighbor's hut in Valdres burned down, and a rabbit sat next to the remains of the earthen cellar and looked at his little rabbit that had drowned in the water. I was so shocked that I think we had to go home eventually. But it is possible that this was not Easter at all.

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What should you have in an Easter egg?
– Anton Berg marzipan snacks and eggs.

Easter in the city or Easter in the cottage?
– Easter City. Unfortunately, I don't own a cabin. But I'm always jealous of those who enjoy their time on Mount Easter, but treat them to beautiful Norway.

Ski trip or après ski?
– Ski trip. Preferably straight ahead, without slopes.

Quick lunch or marzipan?
– Yes, thank you both.

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Easter puzzle or crossword?
– Easter crime.

Do you have an Easter activity you recommend?
– Doing an Easter run in the park without rules is just nonsense. And give people hundreds of points without any motive at all. It will be interesting to see how the competition trials handle this.

Orange with chocolate, yes or no?
– Yay!

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