January 27, 2023


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Sigrid sang in New Year’s to Millions on the BBC

Artist: Sigrid Raabe Was part of the British New Year celebrations on BBC Home.

Last night, millions of Britons got to watch Norwegian artist Sigrid perform on the BBC’s New Year’s show.


She sang her own song “Mirror” to promote the British New Year celebration in a duet with folk artist Sam Ryder on BBC Home.

Ryder hosted the show. He really became famous when he took Great Britain to second place in the Grand Prix Melody in 2022 with the song “Space Man” after many lean years.

Sigrid wasn’t the only famous guest artist:

She was joined by Mel C of the Spice Girls and House Gospel Choir and British rock artist Justin Hawkins of The Darkness.

– The great British Grand Prix savior Melody ends his year triumphantly with the biggest entertainment job of all: singing the New Year at the BBC’s flagship channel, the paper writes. Watchman.

The BBC previously said it expected 10 million Britons to watch the London fireworks display on the channel at midnight, according to the BBC. am city.

Sigrid and Ryder were on stage for the last half hour before the New Year’s fireworks display was to take place – and the half hour after the London fireworks finished.

Sigrid was also responsible for the last duet of the evening when she sang George Michael’s song “Freedom” from 1990 with Ryder.

Popularity: Sam Ryder won runner-up at last year’s Melody Grand Prix with the song “Space Man.”