February 4, 2023


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Sigurd Henriksen (18) broke the junior world record from Sven Kramer

Sigurd Henriksen (18) broke the junior world record from Sven Kramer

Sigurd Henriksen impressed again when he clocked 13:02.53 in the 10,000m race in Calgary. Thus, he erased the junior world record from Sven Kramer.

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The youngster from Fana Elle broke Kramer’s time, which had stood since January 2005. Kramer’s old record was 13:09.65.

The record race takes place less than a month after he set the world junior record in the 5000m with a 6.17.67 in Heerenveen. He then broke Håvard Bøkko’s record, who also set in 2005.

Henriksen: — I knew I had it

The young man himself was in a great mood after the monster race.

– Kramer is a legend. His record has stood for a long time. It’s great to be able to beat it,” Sigurd Henriksen tells BT, just over an hour after he crossed the finish line.

He says he experienced racing as being controlled.

– I knew I had to go down 13 spaces in 10,000 metres. It was hard, but it was fun. I tried to keep the lap times consistent and have a good technique throughout the race.

– Absolutely formidable

Henriksen, who coaches at Fana IL, is expected to have a bright future.

– It’s so huge. Crazy good. He beat Sven Kramer’s junior record. This is Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s level of figure skating, says Hans Dankertsen, general manager at Fana IL.

He is very impressed with what the young man achieves during the day.

He beats his own record by half a minute. This is a guy who really does his job. He’s someone we’ll have a lot of fun with in the future, says Dankertsen.

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violent pace

Sigurd Henriksen’s progress gave the 18-year-old a sixth-place finish at the World Cup. Henriksen, paired with Canadian home favorite Graeme Fish, set a fierce pace from the start. After opening at 35.85, he had times between 30.5 (Round 18) and 31.4 (Round 3).

With his blistering time, he built a clear lead after three out of six doubles in Saturday’s World Cup event, but it didn’t hold up against the big guns. Italy’s Davide Ghiotto claimed the win after setting a personal best of 12.45.10. He beat Patrick Roest by 6.40 seconds in the event and dropped the Dutchman to second place.

Beau Snellink finished last on the podium. Seven of the twelve runners set a personal record, including all three Norwegians. Hallgeir Engebråten was ninth with 13.09.95 and Sander Eitrem was tenth with 13.14.92.