Silent celebration of “Company Lauritzen” – VG

Silent celebration of "Company Lauritzen" - VG
Ready for TV: Setnesmoen’s new entrants at “Kompani Lauritzen”.

TV2 had invited the press to the premiere party in Oslo on Thursday night, but is now limiting the celebration in light of what is happening in Europe.


Participants will gather at a party, but the press will not come and there will be no red carpet.

“Given the situation, with the actions of the war in Ukraine, we feel it would be a mistake to throw a big party and red carpet today,” TV 2 editor Catherine Haldorsen tells VG.

She stated that they are holding the premiere as planned, but only for the participants and production.

The Minister of Justice falls

Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl, 29, is among the participants in this year’s season. She is responsible for the premiere party.

«The minister does not participate», VG is informed by the Communications Department of the Ministry of Justice.

misspelled “hard tone”

Dimly (33), who is also in the series, understands that the party is being minimized. She is going to the party.

– Yes, party and party… We’ll at least gather to watch the first episode and enjoy the best evening in spite of everything, says the pop artist to VG.

B: Dimple tone, pictured here shortly after the recording started.

Damley mentions in the first episode that she agreed to join because she became too scared after becoming a mother.

“I want to be solid again, and go back to Tough-Tone as I was before,” she says on TV.

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It wasn’t a deliberate act to be so scared. It just happened that way, Damley explains to VG.

He was fearless before

– After Billy came, I had a nightmare that things had happened to her, as a mother of two says of the eldest daughter.

Constant worrying about my children is starting to stop me from doing things. And when that happens, you become more conservative and stay on the safe track all the time. Before I had kids, I was completely fearless and couldn’t get enough of my speed and excitement, says Damley and laughs.

She maintains that the return of television does not mean it will “get too extreme, that is.”

– I had a lot of nerves while recording, but then I felt like mastery when you do something, it’s so cool. And the adrenaline you get. I noticed that a lot of what I thought was scary wasn’t scary after all.

Damley adds that she “goes out of everything really well”.

Donate money

Emily Inger-Mehl was not in government when the series was taped last year. Mehl told VG last year that she had made her choice To donate participation fees to charities.

VG wrote last fall that the celebration of the completed registration was So loud that the police came out. It was never mentioned which of the participants took part in the nachspielet.

The first show will be broadcast next Saturday. What’s new this year is that there will be two weekly episodes – plus a Wednesday broadcast.

Watch samples from the season on VGTV:

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