Silje Nordnes: – About the “Maskorama” tab:

Silje Nordnes: - About the "Maskorama" tab:

now it Selge Nordennis (36) Return as host in Norway’s most brutal guessing game, «Maskorama». In an interview with NRK She talks about what she describes as her biggest wit in “Maskorama”.

– You’ve simply got an iron curtain, Norden tells NRK.

Confusion between Karp and Madcon

The 36-year-old host says she was still embarrassed about the big loss during last year’s premiere, when she confused Karp and Madcon.

encrypted: ‘Maskorama’ is in full swing, and after KK editor Ingeborg Heldal puts it on the wall, we’re pretty sure who’s hiding behind ‘Nøkken. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Selena Morkin / Red Carpet
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– It was so embarrassing because I clearly know the difference between them. I went to a concert with them, and I know very well the difference between Tshawe and Chirag, Norden tells NRK.

– You tried me

When Arve Juritzen is revealed as a frog Last week, Nordense said only 16 people were able to guess he was hiding behind the mask.

The host says that she also does not know who the participants are. According to the host, she and the participants are sitting in their hotel rooms because they are not in the studio for recording.

I have certainly tried myself, and I have secretly asked questions to those who know, but are good at hiding things, says Nordense.

It was Arve Juritzen who had to leave Maskorama, telling us what it was like when you were on the show. Reporter: Selena Morkin. Video: Stephen Petersen
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– Too open

Before the premiere, she, among other things, visited the podcast “Conclusion”It invites listeners closest to its privacy. Among other things, she talks about the time after “P3morgen”, the way forward and the future.

When podcasters Kjersti Kvam and Ragnhild Bang Nes ask questions about what they are more — and less — you look forward to as you get older, Nordnes answers:

– I can’t say I’m really afraid, I’m not really. Let’s not call it a problem, but the challenge I’m facing now. When it comes to envisioning the future, I don’t know if I have children, for example. I don’t know if I will find a partner. She replied that I had no one in sight, noting that that was exactly what was so open.

Talk about breaking up

Earlier this year, the anchor opened up about her split from artist Faye Feldhagen, 28, in an interview with Dagbladet Magasinet. Nordense openly stated that he was insanely painful.

– Joy! Detective Jean Thomas is on fire in the new season of Maskorama on NRK. Reporter: Selena Morkin. Video: Stephen Petersen
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‘I felt that it was in my third public breach, a defeat not only for me, as everyone could see that I had failed again and again,’ she said, among other things, Norden told Dagbladet.

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