Silje Nordnes: – About the «Maskorama» tab:

Silje Nordnes: - About the «Maskorama» tab:

Silje Nortenz is back as the host of Norway’s worst speculation game, “Mascorama”. In an interview with NRK Nordness talks about his biggest “mascorama” flash.

– I simply got an iron screen, Nordness tells NRK.

Confused Corp and Madcon

The 36-year-old presenter says she’s still ashamed of the huge loss she made during last year’s premiere when she messed up CorbyTime and Madcone.

– It was very embarrassing because I could clearly see the difference between them. I went to a concert with them and I know very well the difference between Shaw and Chirac, Nordness tells NRK.

– Tried me

When Arve Juritzen was revealed to be a frog last week, Nordnes said only 16 people could guess he was hiding behind a mask.

The presenter says he has no idea who the participants are. According to the presenter, he and the participants were seated in their respective hotel rooms as they were not in the studio to record.

– I certainly tried myself and asked questions in a sensible way to acquaintances, but they are good at hiding things, says Nordness.

Cost: Silje Nortenz is currently the host of NRK’s ​​latest Saturday entertainment, “Mascorama”.
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– Very open

Before the premiere, he visited Podcast with others “Just idle”, Where she invites listeners closer to her privacy. Among other things, he talks about the time, the future and the future after “P3morgen”.

When asked by podcast editors Kjersti Kvam and Ragnhild Bang Nes about her very – and low – age, Nortnes answers:

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– I can’t say I’m really scared, I didn’t really do it. Don’t say it’s a problem, but my challenge now. When imagining the future, I do not know if I will have children, for example. I had no idea I would find a mate. I did not see anyone, she replied, pointing out that this is very obvious.

Talked about secession

Earlier this year, the presenter opened up about his breakup with artist Fay Wildegan (28). In an interview with Dagbladet Magasinet. Nordnes openly said that it was very painful.

– I felt this was my third public violation, not only mine, but because everyone can see that I have failed again and again, he said, among other things, Nortonus told Docbladet.

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