May 29, 2023


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Simon Nietzsche - He refuses to answer this

Simon Nietzsche – He refuses to answer this

Simon Nietzsche (30) He has made a name for himself in the world of news and entertainment and is a well-known face of TV 2 Sporten, among others. It also quickly became a favorite viewer When he participated in “Shall We Dance”.With dance partner Helen Spelling (25).

Dagbladet meets Nitsche during this year’s Gullruten, where he, like the rest of Norway’s celebrities, celebrates the entertainment industry after two years marked by a pandemic.

I opened some doors

But since “Skal vi danse”, little about Nitsche has been seen in the entertainment world, and earlier this year it also became known that the 30-year-old had resigned from his position at TV 2 Sporten.

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Two months later he can still Reveals a new career path. Then Debuted with the podcast “He Could Have Been Professional”where he invited Norwegian celebrities to the studio to talk about his sports career.

Now he also reveals to Dagbladet that TV production is next, while at the same time revealing a bit about his expectations for the programme. Here he also shows his gratitude for the Shall We Dance share.

– New doors opened after “Skal vi danse”. I’ve started work on a new TV show for TV 2 which I’m really looking forward to showing, and we’ll start recording soon, says Nietzsche, explaining more about the hopes for the show:

– There are a lot of good and funny people with them, so I think it can be really good simply.

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ambiguous about back

As mentioned, Nitsche had a huge hit during his time on “Skal vi danse” and rose to the top of the entertainment show with Spilling by his side.

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– It’s been so many hours of work, I didn’t think I’d get that reaction. It feels totally unreal to be here with the trophy at the end. He told Dagbladet after the victory that he deserved Helen to win too, she is the best.

Soon there will also be an All Star season of the show, in which former participants return to fight for the winning title. It is not yet known who will participate, and Dagbladet will not be able to extract more details from last year’s winner.

– I can’t reveal anything about that, he says.

When asked how he would have responded if he had not participated, he said:

win over: Simon Nietzsche and Helen Spelling escaped by winning this year’s Skal vi danse. Photo: Thea Hope. Reporter: Ken Falch/Red Carpet
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Then I say, “I can’t reveal anything in that.” You’ve turned poker face.